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Brina transcends borders on new EP

coverA few years back Jamaican singer Brina took me by storm with her uplifting double A-side single Listen/Real Reggae Music. It was later followed by the diverse album Under the Sun.

Lala Vizuri was partly translated into Swahili for her debut album and now she has decided to go all the way with the Swahili language. Her new EP brings Jamaican reggae to Africa, and it is sung in Swahili. Probably the first time a Jamaican artist has sung songs completely in Swahili.

“I see myself as the successor of my ancestors and, through my music, pay homage to them with every note I sing. Even though I was born in Jamaica, I needed no serious convincing from anyone that I am African,” says Brina in a press release.

Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili is a Jamaica/reggae/Swahili cross-cultural musical fusion and collects five re-worked songs – of one is a dub version – from Brina’s debut album. Real Reggae Music is for example now Naimba Real Reggae Music with the Afro Cuban Bembé drums closing the song.

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Brina’s debut album boasts a myriad of influences

In May last year I received a promotion e-mail from Kieran C Murray, a Scottish producer and musician. The e-mail contained a double A-side single from a to me unknown Jamaican singer by the name of Brina, who later turned out to be married with Kieran C Murray.

For some reason it took me a week or two before I listened to Real Reggae Music/Listen, and when the music hit me I was almost blown away. It sounded like reggae did in the early 70’s – joyous, up-beat and with plenty of fine-tuned harmonies.

A few weeks ago Brina’s debut album was released. Under One Sun contains twelve songs, and includes her debut A-side single along with the second single Lala Vizuri (Sleep My Little Baby). The other nine songs are previously unreleased.

Under One Sun was recorded in Jamaica and is rooted in the school of one drop, but influences from other genres are apparent throughout the album. You can trace gospel, funk, rock, latin-jazz and Brazilian grooves in instrumentation, arrangements and vocals. All blended together in a pop mixer.

Brina has a powerful voice, at times reminiscent of Marcia Griffiths, and she can skillfully play with melody and handle unexpected tempo changes.

The strongest tracks are still her debut single, but the Dubtonic Kru-produced Daughter of Zion is almost as solid.

Under One Sun however suffers a bit from sounding like a Disney soundtrack to an children’s movie, and The Lion King sometimes comes to mind.

But it is certainly well-produced and very talented people have been involved, ranging from legendary mixing engineer Errol Brown and vocalist Toots Hibbert to Jon Rezin and John Barnes III, who has worked with artists such as Santana, War and Maroon 5.

Under One Sun is available on all major digital download stores and as CD from selected retailers.

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Real reggae music from Brina

Brina is an upcoming female reggae singer from Jamaica, who recently put out her debut double A side single Listen/Real Reggae Music.

These two tunes are real scorchers. Believe me. If you like early 70’s reggae Trojan or Pama style, then both tunes will surely appeal to you.

Listen is a soul-drenched one drop whereas Real Reggae Music is a pure summer banger reminiscent of Reggae From the Ghetto with its gospel chorus.

Brina recently opened for The Mighty Diamonds and The Jolly Boys on their UK tours. And her upcoming debut album features a stellar line-up of musicians – Sly Dunbar, Toots Hibbert, Michael “Ibo” Cooper, Dean Fraser and Nambo Robinson just to name a few.

Brina’s powerful voice and style can be compared to the queen of reggae Marcia Griffiths, so be sure to check out her single on a download platform near you.


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