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Cool Runnings drop a 30 year old debut album

UK label Bristol Archive Records has once again located a number of unreleased tunes from the early to mid 80’s.

This time by Cool Runnings, a group that worked together during the entire 80’s, but only dropped one proper release – the rocking Robin Hoods of the Ghetto, included on Bristol Reggae Explosion vol. 2, and also on their self-titled debut album, that now sees the light of day 20 years after the members went their separate ways.

Cool Runnings collects twelve tunes in a smooth lovers rock style recorded between 1983 and 1985 at various local studios in Bristol along with a few of live tracks.

And the lovers style is well-suited for Winston Minott’s delicate, almost whispering, singing style. There are however a number of head nodding conscious-themed songs with heavier bass lines, We Must Go Home is one example, Children of Zion another.

The sound quality varies throughout the album, and it sometimes sounds like you’re in a closet, but you can’t have too high expectations on songs that have been lying around forgotten for almost 30 years.

Cool Runnings is now available on CD and digital download.

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