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A varied Horace Andy remix project

horaceandy-brokenbeatsHorace Andy’s catalogue spans more than 40 years and includes a vast number of hits songs for a wide range of producers, including legends such as Coxsone Dodd, Phill Pratt and Bunny Lee.

German reggae, dub and electronica label Echo Beach has hi-jacked a bunch of his most beloved recordings for a remix album titled Broken Beats. And instead of using the original vocals, Horace Andy stepped into the studio to sing new versions on top of these cherished riddims.

His distinct falsetto is one of greatest in the business. His voice is however darker and deeper – but not weaker – compared to his glory days in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

There are several versions of each track – three cuts of the classic Skylarking, two renditions of the mighty Cuss Cuss and so on. Some might probably think that the remixers have demolished and destroyed these beloved recordings, while some would agree that they have only refurbished and refined them for a new generation of listeners.

Truth is that both sides are right. Some remixes are too much and make you long for the original version, while others get a new edge by the electric out of space alien treatment. An example of the latter is Rob Smith’s version of Cuss Cuss with its drugged out bass line and frantic percussion as well as Dubblestandart’s dreamy Money Money.

Broken Beats is at times hypnotic, at times relaxed, and it sheds light on of one reggae’s finest singers and takes his music into the future.

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