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Hypnotic and dense from Rockers Disciples and Daba Makourejah

4638.1My first encounter with Senegalese singer Daba Makourejah and French eight piece band The Rockers Disciples, also known as RockDis All Stars, was on the vibrant compilation Musical Raid in 2011. Obviously they worked well together since they have recently put out the album Far Eye.

This 14 track set – of which nine are vocal cuts, five are dub versions and one is an instrumental – is a heavy slice of dense, thick, slow-paced and mesmerizing roots reggae spiced with the jazzy tones of Daba Makourejah.

The organ is put in the front row on several tracks, and this is especially tasty in the hypnotic dub versions. Just listen to the haunting sounds of Dina Diex and Dina Diex Dub or The System is a Fraud and Dubbin’ the System.

The finest moment is however the opening track Calabash Rock, which incorporates great horns, sirens and outer space keyboard sounds a’ la Sly & Robbie, and it also has the same spooky feel as The Specials’ immortal Ghost Town.

Far Eye is the fourth album from Rockers Disciples and is now available on CD and on digital platforms. Vinyl addicts can check the 12” EP, which collects three vocals and three dubs.

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