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Danakil breaks new ground with Ondubground

3013940In November last year French band Danakil teamed up with Ondubground to re-record their album La Rue Raisonne. And the result is a powerful and modern album with a broad variety of artists lending their talents to the project.

This is forward-thinking bass music influenced by reggae, trap, hip-hop, dub, dubstep and electronica. Extraordinary cuts include Jamalski’s fast-chatting Tell Dem, the melancholic Dub of the Nation and the pulsating J’attends la nuit.

This album explores new musical horizons and might not please the usual Danakil crowd. This one is aimed at sound systems worldwide.

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Uncompromising new album from Danakil

danakil-larueraisonne-visuelLa Rue Raisonne is French nine-piece outfit Danakil’s fifth studio album since they started back in 2001. The first single off the album is 32 mars and it’s a groovy effort, while the second single Back Again is harder and darker with grim horn parts.

The album was recorded with analogue techniques and has a rough and organic feel to it with hard-hitting drums and bass lines, at times complemented by the use of dub wizardry.

It’s an album with tracks mostly sung in their native-tongue. But melodies and moods transcends langues and borders. And it’s a frustrated and angry album with a dense sonic landscape. You can almost touch the frustration on a track like J’attends le jour [I Await the Day].

Danakil has previously worked with a number of reggae royalties, including Jah Mason, Twinkle Brothers and Mighty Diamonds. For the closing track on La Rue Raisonne they have invited a big number of artists from around the world to join them, and World of Reggae Music features Natty Jean, Flavia Coelho, Yaniss Odua, Anthony B, Volodia, Josh from The Skints, Nattali Rize and Brahim. Quite a line-up.

An uncompromising album summing up moods that many people around the world feel today.

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Smoky grooves on Danakil’s Entre les lignes

Cover_Danakil_Entre_les_lignes_550Fans of bands such as Soja and Groundation from the U.S. and Dub Inc from France should head over to the nearest record store or digital retailer. The reason is Danakil and their latest album Entre les lignes (between the lines in English).

This nine piece outfit has for the past 14 years or so toured extensively and released three studio albums, two live sets and one dub effort mixed by Manjul.

They have previously worked together with Jah Mason, Mighty Diamonds and General Levy. On Entre les lignes – their fourth studio set – they have invited roots warriors Twinkle Brothers as well as Natty Jean and Harrison Stafford and Marcus Urani from the previously mentioned Groundation.

Danakil – the name taken from a Ethiopian desert – offer a potent blend of roots reggae, rock and pop flavoured with some African influences, with the majority of the songs sung in French.

Entre le lignes has particularly tasty horn parts, especially the lovely saxophone solo on Les Signes and the melancholic brass on Ne touche pas and L’or noir.

Danakil has presented a set with mostly classic and smoky reggae grooves, sometimes with a dash of rock and with a strong African touch.

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