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DanceCrasher’s 100 greatest rocksteady tunes

In 2007 the great reggae blog DanceCrasher embarked on a challenging journey – to count down the 100 greatest rocksteady tunes. Now – six years later – the list is finally finished and the songs selected are excellent in every single way.

Sure, it’s of course possible to debate – probably until infinity – if tune X should be there and why tune Y wasn’t included. People have different taste. And that’s a good thing.

My top 100 rocksteady list would probably have looked a bit different, partly due to musical preferences, partly due to the simple fact that some of the tunes on DanceCrasher’s list I hadn’t heard before.

I suggest you head over to DanceCrasher and browse through the list. Each song comes with a comment and a short history lesson.

If you’re curious on the sounds you can check this Spotify playlist I’ve made with a majority of the tracks. Far from every cut is available on Spotify, but classics such as The Paragons’ The Tide is High, The Uniques’ My Conversation and Val Bennett’s The Russians Are Coming (aka Take 5) are included along with lesser known gems, like Hemsley Morris’ Little Things (recently versioned by Alpheus) and The Tartans’ What Can I Say.

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Record Collector highlights reggae

Record Collector magazine – the world’s leading authority on rare and collectable records – will highlight vintage Jamaican sounds in their upcoming June edition, according to Trojan Records.

The magazine will feature an article on the 51 most collectable skinhead reggae tunes by British music journalist and author Michael de Koningh. He is co-author of Tighten Up! The History of Reggae in the UK and Young, Gifted and Black: The History of Trojan Records, so he probably knows his way around skinhead reggae.

Included are also an investigation in the world of eBay fake bidding, something that has previously been covered by the excellent blog DanceCrasher.

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Dokumentär om Bobby Konders

Bloggen DanceCrasher skriver om en dokumentär om amerikanske producenten Bobby Konders.

I dokumentären, som regisserats av Dan Bruun, berättar Bobby Konders bland annat att han under 12-13 år åkte runt hela New York för att sälja skivor till olika butiker. Han berättar även om sin syn på dagens skivindustri och att han drömmer om att utveckla en egen webbaserad skivbutik.

Bobby Konders driver sedan många år skivbolaget och soundsystemet Massive B och är mest känd för sina samarbeten med Burro Banton och Chezidek och hitlåtar som Boom Wah Dis och Call Pon Dem.

Kika på dokumentären här.

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