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Infectious discofied reggae on reissued Soul Jazz compilation

unnamedAlmost 15 years ago reissue giants Soul Jazz released the excellent compilation Hustle! Reggae Disco. It’s one of the label’s most popular compilations and has been unavailable for many years.

This ground-breaking compilation has now been reissued with no less than five seminal extra cuts. It now features 13 hip-shaking killer reggae versions of funk and soul classics done in disco style. This set certainly showcases the link between dancefloors in Kingston, New York and London.

This hybrid beast of a compilation comes with dub-styled versions of classics like Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell, Risco Connection’s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now and Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight.

So put on your best dress, your dancing shoes and let your mind go. Because this album is a mind-blowing visit to Studio 54 in Trenchtown.


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Pama Outernational dubbed to the bone

Legendary dub master Mad Professor has taken on Pama International’s latest album Pama Outernational released last year.

Pama International is known for their exquisite blend of 60’s soul and 70’s reggae with a modern edge. Their music is neither reggae nor soul. And that’s why this new album Rewired in Dub is so interesting. It’s like hearing a soul or disco album in dub.

Mad Professor has been producing and mixing since the early 80’s. He has worked with a broad range of artists – Max Romeo, punk rockers Rancid and soul songstress Sade to name a few. So he knows how to twiddle a knob and work with faders and delays.

And he has certainly done some great twiddling on Rewired in Dub. The main elements of the songs have remained intact and the other parts show up from time to time.

Just listen to the two versions of the up tempo track Happenstance that is stripped to the bone. Dubstance Dub with its great drumming and percussion and Orgon You Don’t with a lethal organ work. Dub A Disco, here titled Disco Dub, takes you to the 70’s club scene.

Mad Professor may have blown a few fuses when he dubbed this one, but the result is astonishingly well-wired.

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