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Count in Rebelution

rebelution_count-me-inU.S. reggae rock band and Billboard Reggae Chart toppers Rebelution have a new album out on June 10. Count Me In is the band’s fourth album since their debut in 2007, when Courage to Grow was released.

Rebelution was formed in 2004 in Santa Barbara, California, and they have a strong following in the U.S., where they have toured relentlessly for the past years, just like their counterparts in Soja and Tribal Seeds.

Their new album was produced by the band themselves and features guest appearances by dancehall artist Collie Buddz and legendary roots reggae singer Don Carlos, who also shows up on the aforementioned Tribal Seeds’ new album Representing.

The album’s 11 tracks is in a press release described as positive, inspirational and encouraging and aim for having an optimistic impact on society and life.

“A lot of what we hear every day is that money measures success,” says vocalist Eric Rachmany, and adds:

“This new album is a reminder to spread love and positivity to the people around us – these are the true measures of success.”

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New rock reggae from Tribal Seeds

1895Californian Billboard Reggae Chart-topping reggae rockers Tribal Seeds drop their fourth studio album Representing on May 13, and the first single Fill it Up, featuring New Kingston, is already receiving airplay.

Representing holds twelve rock-infused reggae tracks and features Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite on the title track as well as Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid on In Your Area. Reggae legends Don Carlos and Michael Rose show up on Blood Clot and Herb Stock respectively.

”This album promotes and inspires a positive and uplifting message which you can’t help but vibe to,” explains Tony-Ray Jacobo of Tribal Seeds.

Representing is a follow-up to Tribal Seeds’ 2011 EP Soundwaves and marks the band’s first full-length release since 2009’s The Harvest.

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Downright excellent third album from Malika Madremana

The RaceMalika “Mother Sister” Madremana is a New York City raised high school teacher of Puerto Rican descent who should quit her day-job and focus on music full-time. Both her debut and second album were solid scorchers and her recently released third album The Race is equally as strong, in fact, maybe even stronger.

The Race collects ten tracks of uplifting, inspirational and positive lyrics set to hypnotic grooves with deep bass lines, melodic synthesizers and beautiful harmonies. Malika Madremana has a natural tone and sings with great confidence and a nonchalant attitude.

The Race is produced by David “Hodge” Lodge, longtime musical director for Don Carlos and The Dub Vision Band, and together they’ve created a set showcasing a talent that should be getting more attention outside the class rooms. Education is important, but so is music.

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A surprise attack from Dub Vision

Roots veteran Don Carlos‘ backing band Dub Vision has gone solo and released their debut album Counter Attack with a bunch of guest artists – one of them being Don Carlos himself.

Dub Vision is based in California and the sun and beach vibes are apparent on several tunes, especially in Cool Summer, where the band’s lead singer Hodge’s soft, whispering vocal style flows over a sweet and well-executed riddim.

But the sun doesn’t shine at all times. The mood on tunes such as Trod On, Rebel Sounds and Extrication are dark and mysterious and rather have a feel of a cloudy and muggy London.

The musicianship is flawless throughout, especially the horn arrangements are a particular delight. The several instrumentals and semi-instrumentals give the horn players much space to elaborate on the melody and the mood. The trombone courtesy of Balboa Becker is superb and so is Malika Madremana’s vocals in Children of Israel.

Highly recommended for fans of well-crafted reggae and bands such as 10 ft. Ganja Plant.

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