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Modern Rockers vol. 1 is yet another scorcher from the Netherlands

I’m getting kind of tired of writing this over and over, but there’s yet another strong album coming from the Netherlands. And I have a feeling other strong sets are on the way.

Dutch/Surinamese singer Joggo recently made his album debut with Modern Rockers vol.1. He came across strong three years ago with Beware, a cut of Massive B’s haunting Kingdom riddim.

Since then he has made some equally impressive singles, like Gun Down (included on the album) and the summery All My Life on the Love You More riddim put out last year.

Modern Rockers vol. 1 is mainly produced by Jah Decko of Dredda Records and includes eleven tunes, where of the majority is previously unreleased.

There’s hardly a dull moment. Catchy choruses and lots of nanana’s and yeah, yeah, yeah’s are some of the ingredients. Just listen to Peace & Love, You Don’t Know or the strong album opener DJ play Me Some Roots.

The harmonies and backing vocals are close to 70’s Steel Pulse and Aswad, while the arrangements and music is in the modern roots vein with live instrumentation.

Joggo’s singing is devout and direct. He has a sincere desperate tone in his voice and sings with great confidence.

Modern Rockers vol. 1 is an impressive and promising debut, and I hope to hear more from Joggo in the near future.


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