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Don Corleon’s tough dubs

Jamaican producer Don Corleon – famous for mellow riddims such as Changes and Seasons – has just put out hard hitting dub album consisting of ten tunes.

The selection ranges from the tough Ghetto Life in Dub on a relick of the Baltimore riddim to the softer Drop Leaf riddim.

The Don has ripped apart the tunes, put emphasis on the bass and the drums and then put them together again. His usual polished style is nowhere to be found and this album certainly showcases a brand new sound from this acclaimed producer.

Dub in HD, as the album is titled, has a contemporary sound and Don Corleon has stated that he used Pro Tools when mixing the tunes. He has managed to put a whole new level of energy in the songs, something that gives them new character and new life.

Jamaica has not been in the forefront when it comes to dub in the last ten years or so. It would be great if other young Jamaican producers took interest in one of the foundational reggae genres, and a genre that has influenced several artists in other genres, most notably in the house and electronica vein.

Please let this album be the beginning of a new trend.

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Sneak preview of Dub in HD

It is not often these days that you hear dub music produced and mixed in Jamaica. Last year Alborosie put out Dub Clash, a limited edition project where he had dubbed some of his own material, as well as other well know reggae tunes, in a vintage dub style.

Now it is happily enough time again for a Jamaican dub album.

In February a Youtube clip of Jamaican producer Don Corleon dubbing in his studio started circling around. Soon it was made official that he was working on a dub album titled Dub in HD.

The album presents ten dub versions of riddims such as Drop Leaf, Major and Seasons, but also individual tunes, like Protoje’s Wrong Side of the Law. The former was actually the first tune that you could hear the Don experimenting with dub.

Reggaemani now has the opportunity to present a sample of one full track from the album. Below you can listen to Natural Black’s Far From Reality on the Seasons riddim.

This is a wonderful initiative from a young Jamaican producer, and I certainly hope that others will follow in his footsteps.

Dub in HD is available for digital download on June 21.

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