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Sly & Robbie and Dartanyan Winston pull the breaks on Free Dub

500x500Legendary riddim duo Sly & Robbie has once again joined forces with up and coming U.S. mixing engineer Dartanyan Winston, who they found via his unauthorized dub mixes on Youtube a few years back. Together they made Dubmaster Voyage and now they have another album out on the streets.

On Free Dub Dartanyan Winston – who is only in is early 20s – takes on a eight riddims laid by Sly & Robbie. And it’s a versatile bunch of backing tracks taken from Serge Gainsbourg’s album Aux Armes Et Caetera, released in 1979 and re-recorded in 2011, Chezidek’s solid I Grade from 2009 and Horace Andy’s Livin’ It Up from 2006 along with Khalifa & Sugar Minott’s single Bandits and an unfinished track by Toots Hibbert.

The original versions are deconstructed and built up again with a ton of energy and studio wizardry added. Highlights include the grim Dracula Cyan Win with Toots Hibbert’s voice echoing back and forth and the aggressive King Kong with its militant snare drums and explosive audio effects.

The young Dartanyan Winston pulls all breaks on this set and goes wholeheartedly in for an experimental journey to help you free your mind.

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Dub rises with Sly & Robbie

After Underwater Dub and Dubmaster Voyage comes Sly & Robbie’s third dub album this year. It’s titled Dubrising and is mixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle, who is probably best known for Black Uhuru’s The Dub Factor, released in 1983.

In a press release the album is described as “taking you back to the golden age of dub” and being “heavy as lead, yet musical and refined”. And just as Dubmaster Voyage it features dub versions of tracks by Bunny Rugs, Horace Andy and Chezidek, among a few more.

Dubrising drops in November and will initially only be available on vinyl. In addition to the 33 RPM edition, a limited audiophile version will be available on a double 45RPM 12″ pressed on heavy 180g vinyl.

Check how it sounds below.

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Sly & Robbie’s dub voyage

artworks-000081319303-f00x0w-originalThe story behind Sly & Robbie’s second dub album this year is an amazing and beautiful one.

A few years ago Sly & Robbie’s management stumbled on Dartanyan Winston and his Youtube “videos” of remixes of Bob Marley, Sly & Robbie and several other Jamaican artists. They asked him to stop posting unauthorized content, and he immediately accepted. However, they had at the same time recognized his talent and offered him to work on a legit multitrack of a Sly & Robbie’s produced track.

Sly & Robbie liked what he did and gave this aspiring youth a challenge and sent him more music to work with. Robbie and the management guided him and helped him to channel all of his energy to make something that could be commercially viable and up for an actual release.

The result is the 13 track album Dubmaster Voyage, a set that features dub mixes of tracks by Bunny Rugs, Brinsley Forde, Bitty McLean, Al Campbell, Horace Andy, Chezidek and a few more.

This set and its mixing definitely sounds like a Sly & Robbie dub album. The original versions are deconstructed to the bone and then built up again with a big dose of grim effects and studio wizardry.

Highlights include the groovy Free Ride, with its swirling guitar and hypnotic bass line, and the pounding Destroy the Walls of Jericho!.

The 20 year old Dartanyan Winston was flipping burgers at McDonald’s in Ohio, U.S., when Sly & Robbie discovered his potential. He didn’t just twiddled the knobs on this album, he mixed a full-scale dub voyage.


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