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Dubmatix highlights the French reggae scene

dubmatix-thefrenchsessionsHeavyweight Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Dubmatix is back with a new album, a twelve track set highlighting the thriving French reggae scene.

It all started about two years ago when Dubmatix was on tour in France. He met several producers and artists and when back in Canada he sent each singer two or three different riddims and let them pick the one they liked. They sent back the vocal cut and in the end Dubmatix created an entirely new riddim for each vocal part in order to showcase their talent and flow.

The French Sessions features ten up-and-coming singers and deejays from across France. The songs are sung in both English and French and styles range from rootsy reggae to hip-hop-tinged reggae and steppers.

Highlights include pulsating album opener Dangerous with Guive and Taiwan MC sharing the microphone, the ethereal Fais Tourner featuring Volodia, the bouncy Mercedes with Tribuman and the anthemic Are You Ready? Reggae Sun Ska with Volodia and LMK sharing vocal duties.

According to Dubmatix he has enough material for a second part of this exciting project and I’m definitely up for more.

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Tour de Force aim to push back electronic dance music to its roots

NYC’s dub crew Tour de Force follow up on their heavyweight debut album Battle Cry, released earlier this year. With Battle Cry Remixed they aim to push back electronic dance music (EDM) to its sound system origins bringing elder Jamaican dub fans together with exuberant club kids.

And to fulfil their aim they have teamed up with a diverse set of producers and mixing engineers to give listeners a whirlwind tour of the worldwide dub community.

This network includes dubstep whiz DJ Madd, raggabass pioneer Dub Gabriel, dublectro kingpin Dubmatix, reggae producer Adam Prescott and dub pioneer Brain Damage, among a few more. The common theme for all cuts is the sound of an old school and high-powered sound system.

“There’s a Jamaican culture of sound systems, and with the rise of EDM, and fans enjoying this music on festival and concert PAs, the time’s right for a stronger connection between electronic music and sound system culture,” explains DJ Q-Mastah, one half of Tour de Force.

Battle Cry Remixed comes with 15 cuts and drops on October 7, and you can listen to a preview over at Soundcloud.

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Dubmatix’ rebellious rocking

dubmatix-rebel-massiveBass-fueled Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Dubmatix is back with his fifth studio album Rebel Massive, a set collecting twelve songs, of which one is built on separate instrumental parts and gives the opportunity to create an own remix.

Dubmatix has over the years created his very own eclectic blend of contemporary reggae made up from an equal amount of early roots, dancehall, dub, drum & bass and electronica spiced with sounds effects such as sirens and laser beams. It has assaulted fans from all over the world, but it has also attracted lots of attention from acclaimed singers and deejays and Dubmatix has on his albums invited lots of guest singers, including Michael Rose, Alton Ellis, Mighty Diamonds and Dennis Alcapone.

Rebel Massive has twelve guests and some of the greatest performances are courtesy of the aggressive Tenor Fly on the hammering album opener Show Down, Luciano on the breezy Seeds of Love & Life and Tenja on the pulsating Can’t Put Us Down.

Eek-A-Mouse also lends his skills to the heavy as lead Pull Up Selector, a track sounding like it’s pushed forward by a steamroller.

This Toronto native and Juno Award winner continues to push sonic boundaries and cross-feeding traditional reggae with its bass heavy cousins and siblings.

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Dubmatix offers free download of debut album

Canadian producer Dubmatix offers free download of his debut album Champion Sound Clash for a limited period of time.

Champion Sound Clash was released in 2004 and is a modern dub album with a variety of styles and tempos. It spans from the rootsy Blade & Chalice and the hip-hop-tinged 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Dub to the Hotel Costes styled El Diablo Dub or the Bossa Nova influenced Island Sun with its memorable guitar and flute hook.

If you don’t already have this album you should definitely head over to Dubmatix Souncloud spot and check it out. The free download offer ends at August 6th.

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Prince Blanco does it ska style

Veteran singer Prince Blanco has just put out the ska-tinged EP Unify On The Hi-Fi. The EP is produced by Canadian dub master Dubmatix, with whom Prince Blanco won a Juno Award in 2010.

Prince Blanco has previously put out albums with various groups, such as The Skanksters and The Liquidaires. He has also performed alongside acclaimed singers Michael Rose and Freddie McGregor and contributed to the Joe Strummer tribute compilation Shatter the Hotel.

The new EP does not really sound as a Dubmatix production, even if the heavy bass lines are present. Unify On The Hi-Fi is a ska, rocksteady and early reggae love affair.

However, it is not mainly in the Jamaican tradition. It leans more towards the UK sound and artists and bands such as Dandy, The Specials and Pama International. It is reggae with lots of 60’s soul.

Three of the five tunes are in the ska vein and the pounding Ska Tissue, with some moaning horns, certainly makes your heart beat. The other two tunes include some nice and groovy organ work.

Highly recommended for everyone who is interested in expanding their one drop or dancehall horizon.

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Jah Soldier is a hidden gem

Some months ago I had some credits left on my eMusic account and didn’t really know what to do with them. I wandered the site and stumbled upon Jah Soldier by U.S. born singer Mighty Howard, whose name I recognized since I’m a big fan of the EP The Berlin Sessions released in January this year.

I downloaded the album and immediately forgot all about it. This happens to me all the time when I’m acquiring lots of mp3 files at the same time.

Some weeks ago I was looking through purchased albums, noticed Jah Soldier and gave it some space on my iPod. On my way to work the next day I was blown away.

When opening track Run From di Thunder blasted through my ears my workplace suddenly seemed very distant.

Mighty Howard’s pleading voice kept me company for the rest of the week.

On Jah Soldier Mighty Howard shows many sides of himself. But the album is mainly dark, dreamy and has an air of Lee Perry’s finest moments at times. This suits Mighty Howard’s fire and brimstone lyrics well. Producers Aldubb and Dubmatix have undeniably done a great work on these often hard and electronic riddims.

However, some tunes stand out of the darkness that embraces Jah Soldier. Rock the Night with its sing a long chorus and Home, an acoustic tune that could have been voiced by Jason Mraz.

One tune – the haunting Meditation – is accompanied by its dub counterpart. It’s sad that the dubs to Warrior Call, Mount Zion and Rock the Night aren’t included. These can instead be found on The Berlin Sessions.

Jah Soldier is Mighty Howard’s full length debut and has not been widely promoted. That’s a shame. Because Mighty Howard’s moving singing and conscious lyrics deserve to be heard.


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Dubmatix bjuder på remixplatta

Gratisskivorna haglar. I onsdags släppte Tanya Stephens sin nya platta som gratis nedladdning. I dag är det dags för kanadensaren Dubmatix att göra samma sak med remixplattan Renegade Remixes Vol 1.

Renegade Remixes Vol 1 är, som titeln antyder, nya versioner av låtarna på Dubmatix senaste platta Renegade Rocker, som gavs ut 2008. De nya mixarna är signerade Nate Wize, även han från Kanada, och Dubmatix själv, som bland annat står för en funkig version av Blessings of Compassion med Alton Ellis.

Låtarnas nya versioner spänner från dubstep och house till hiphop och funk. Alltsammans kryddat med övermäktigt tung bas.

Plattan går att ladda ner gratis här den kommande veckan. Därefter är det exempelvis eMusic eller iTunes som gäller igen.

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Producera reggae på din iPhone

Genom en ny applikation för iPhone och iPod Touch kan du bli reggaeproducent genom några enkla knapptryckningar.

Applikationen heter Dub Selector och är en blandning av spel och musikprogram. Genom telefonen styr du sirener, beats och effekter i fyra olika spelmiljöer – på stranden, i rymden, i arkadhallen och i studion. Du kan själv arbeta om musiken och bygga helt egna versioner, som sedan kan spelas upp på stereon hemma.

Spelmiljöerna har skapats av formgivaren Juliana Neufeld och musiken av Dubmatix, som bjuder på fem låtar från artister som Michael Rose, Dennis Alcapone och Fred Locks.

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Dubmatix vill till Uppsala Reggae Festival

Kanada förknippas oftare med ishockey och lönnsirap än reggaemusik. Men faktum är att på 60-, och 70-talen emigrerade flera jamaicanska artister dit. Producenten Dubmatix håller fanan högt med sitt mjuka, elektroniska sound.

Dubmatix heter egentligen Jesse King och har varit i musikbranschen i över 20 år. Han har bland annat spelat trummor och bas i flera olika reggae-, funk-, blues- och acid jazzband.

För åtta år sedan bestämde han sig för att göra sin egen grej och har sedan dess producerat och mixat reggae i sin studio Dub Factory i Toronto.

– Det som fick mig att börja experimentera med musik på egen hand var tekniken. Helt plötsligt gick det att spela in och mixa på egen hand, berättar Jesse King som nyss kommit hem från en turné i Frankrike, Tyskland och Storbritannien.

Jesse King spelar nästan samtliga instrument själv och alla hans inspelningar görs live i studion. Ljudbilden ska vara tung med mycket bas och gärna påminna om hur det lät på demonproducenten Phil Spectors plattor på 60-, och 70-talen.

– Jag vill inte att min musik ska vara minimalistisk och avskalad. Basen ska verkligen kännas. Jag vill heller inte överproducera och ger sällan eller aldrig instruktioner till andra musiker eller sångare. Resultaten blir ofta bättre av en hälsosam dos spontanitet, säger Jesse King.

En av de saker som delvis skiljer honom från andra producenter är dragen mot det mer elektroniska.

– Jag tycker att alla mina tre plattor har ett ganska konsekvent sound. Kanske är första plattan Champion Sound Clash mer elektrodub. Min senaste skiva Renegade Rocker är nog mer öppen och med fler influenser från andra reggaegenrer, menar Jesse King, och fortsätter:

– Jag lyssnar faktiskt mest på rock och punk. Gärna grupper som The Clash och Rage Against The Machine. Men jag tror inte att det hörs på plattorna, för när det handlar om reggae är jag traditionalist. Det ska inte vara några hårda rockriff, säger Jesse King bestämt.

Även om rocken och punken inte märks i produktionerna, så är Dubmatix i alla fall med och hyllar The Clash framlidne frontman Joe Strummer på färska samlingen Shatter The Hotel. Tillsammans med Don Letts och Dan Donovan från Big Audio Dynamite gör han en tung version av klassikern London Calling.

Utöver medverkan på Shatter The Hotel, så har Dubmatix precis släppt en 7” tillsammans med Abassi All Stars samt ep:n The Berlin Sessions och rytmen Rough Out Riddim. Och han har fler saker på gång.

– Jag planerar att släppa nya plattan System Shakedown i juni. Det kommer att vara samma stil som tidigare, men med nya gästartister. Jag hoppas exempelvis att få med Mighty Diamonds, Dennis Alcapone, Brother Culture, U Brown och Tippa Irie, berättar Jesse King.

I juli och augusti ska han tillbaka till Europa och spela på festivaler. På vägarna tar han med sig brittiske deejayn Brother Culture. När jag berättar om Uppsala Reggae Festival blir Jesse King märkbart intresserad, och vill genast veta vad han ska göra för att spela där.

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