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Masicka meets King Tubby on new EP

artworks-000050413811-7c0vgx-t500x500Contemporary dancehall chatting meets old school dub on a brand new EP from Jamaican production house Equiknoxx, responsible for a number of wicked riddims, for example the excellent Jim Screechie.

They’ve now introduced fresh dancehall singjay Masicka to seven King Tubby dub cuts and his smooth half sung/half spoken style clashes nicely with the spacious dreader than dread riddims. It more or less sounds like Masicka freestyles over the Bunny Lee-produced riddims, which lend the tracks a lively atmosphere giving the listener a feeling of being in the studio.

Dub music isn’t exactly top of mind in the Jamaican music industry anymore and is way bigger in Europe and the U.S. But lately a number of young Jamaican producers have started to experiment with dub music, Don Corleon being one prime example.

Dub has had a powerful impact on the global music arena ever since the genre emerged in the early 70s, and it’s great that a younger generation of producers now have started to embrace the rich Jamaican music history.

Check Equiknoxx Introduces Masicka To King Tubby on Soundcloud. Not sure if the project will have proper release.

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