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Emmanuel Joseph delivers quality conscious reggae

The talented and versatile musician and singer Emmanuel Joseph recently dropped his solo debut album Psalms From the Heart on UK label Falasha recordings, affiliated with the well-known Aba Shanti sound system.

Emmanuel Joseph has been in the business for many years and his merits list includes composing for the theatre and working with Paul McGuigan from Oasis and the band Cornershop. The producer of his new album – drummer Blood Shanti – has a more straight forward reggae background working with artists such as The Abyssinians, Johnny Clarke and Tena Stelin.

On Psalms From the Heart, there is no theatrical sounds nor styles reminiscent of Oasis or Cornershop. It offers roots reggae in a UK style. There are lots of dark thumping bass lines and also some nice nyabinghi vibes. Emmanuel Joseph’s deep voice suits the rhythm backing very well.

The album collects 14 tracks in a showcase style, which means that each vocal is followed by its dub counterpart. There are also four versions of the tune Open Road – two vocals and two dubs. The remix versions of this strong tune is actually better than the originals, at least if you prefer melodica instead of keyboard.

This album is for those who enjoy quality conscious reggae with spiritual vibes. And I’m always thrilled over showcase albums. You just have to love it.

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