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Promising future for Necessary Mayhem

Future Cuts is the third compilation from UK label Necessary Mayhem led by producer Curtis Lynch. It offers a mixed bag of old and new material by several familiar singers and deejays from Europe and Jamaica.

The title of the album refers to the idea of giving a glance of what’s currently happening around the label. And there are some really interesting tunes and riddims involved, telling tales of a promising future.

Most promising is the severely under recorded Jamaican singer Jahmali and his grim Blood Thirsty, on a riddim inspired by Ken Boothe’s Black Gold and Green.

Other highlights include J.C Lodge’s Way Up on a new mix of Curtis Lynch’s relick of Gussie Clark’s Rumors riddim and the four vocalist combination As Mi Forward, where Million Stylez, Etana, Busy Signal and the violently fierce French female deejay Netna rides a particularly ultra heavy riddim. I mean, this isn’t the kind of bass line you bring home to meet your parents.

Curtis Lynch has once again proven that he is a producer to be reckoned with and one that seems to be obsessed with relentless bass lines.

Future Cuts is currently available on vinyl. The digital download edition drops on 14 February.

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Curtis Lynch reveals future projects

In early 2010 I was asked to contribute to Swedish magazine Reggae Galore. I suggested an interview with UK producer Curtis Lynch who runs the Necessary Mayhem label.

I contacted him and I remember it was difficult to find a date for the interview. When I finally got him on Skype the Internet connection broke down. I gave the interview a few more shots, but it never happened. Until now. For United Reggae, and not Reggae Galore.

I spoke to Curtis a few weeks ago and we discussed some of his many upcoming projects, among them a 2012 sampler titled Future Cuts and a possible album release from the under recorded Jamaican singer Jahmali.

The full story along with a exclusive mix and exclusive photos can be found over at United Reggae.

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