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Taddy P puts the bass in the front seat

Bass player Taddy P has toured the world and performed on stage with artists such as Freddie McGregor, Sanchez and the late Dennis Brown.

His skills has also been utilized by lovers rock singer Maxi Priest, and Taddy P has been his personal bass player for many years.

Maxi Priest is also one of the 14 singers that Taddy P has invited for his sophomore album Gimmie Di Bass. Other well-known names are Tanya Stephens, Shaggy and Bunny Rugs of Third World.

Gimmie Di Bass hosts 15 tunes whereof two are dub versions. It’s soulful, mellow and harmonious. It also has a lot of bass solos. Too many actually. It gets a bit tiresome and cheesy after a while. Especially in the softer tunes, such as the largely instrumental Michael Jackson tribute Lady in My Life and Too Busy that features strings and Maxi Priest on vocal duties.

I usually also like by bass lines deep, rough and tough. Gimmie Di Bass is too cozy and smooth.

There are of course exceptions. The hypnotic Play for Me with Deesha on the microphone and the rhythmic and melodic Let’s Get it Started, with vocals from Shaggy, Red Fox and Chevaughn, are two such.

But Gimmie Di Bass is probably better suited for the bedroom than the dancefloor.

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