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A big return for Morgan Heritage

HERECOMETHEKINGSThe queen and the four kings in Morgan Heritage are back with their first album since Mission in Progress, released in 2008. Over these five years the five siblings in the group have focused on their solo careers with a varying degree of success.

Morgan Heritage started as an octet more than 20 years ago, but re-formed a few years later to a five-piece group. Here Come the Kings is their tenth album, an album where they continue waving the red, gold and green banner high and proud. Their version of pop-fueled and melodic socially conscious roots reggae is easy to fall in love with, and this album is no exception.

Here Come the Kings was preceded by the excellent four track EP The Return – which included the anthemic and rock-solid title track – last year and the heavyweight pop gem Perfect Love Song, released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The vocal interplay between lead singers Peetah and Gramps is beautiful – Peetah with his sincere gospel-tinged style and Gramps with his deep and authoritative baritone. Here Come the Kings shows them in perfect harmony and most of the tracks are better than any of their solo projects.

Tunes like The Return, Ends Nah Meet, Man Has Forgotten and Holla are heavily addictive and after listening to the full album you just might have to check yourself into rehab.

Here Come the Kings drops on June 11 on CD and digital platforms.


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Gramps Morgan aims to keep reggae alive

Gramps Morgan.

A few years back the family-based band Morgan Heritage temporarily split up and members Gramps, Lukes, Mojo, Peetah and Una ventured into their own solo careers.

Gramps has possibly been the most prolific of the members and has produced himself and other artists as well as released two albums – 2 Sides of My Heart in 2009 and Reggae Music Lives in April this year.

I got a chat with Gramps on his latest album and the return on Morgan Heritage over the phone from New York City where he hosts a radio show. Check the full story over at United Reggae.

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