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Clinton Fearon’s big heart and deep soul

I don’t know if Jamaican singer and bass player Clinton Fearon’s decision to leave The Gladiator’s and settle in the U.S. was a tough one or not. But in retrospect it was the right thing to do. Because Clinton Fearon has on his own got to showcase his soulful voice and great song writing skills more than he was able to in his former group, which was lead by Albert Griffiths.

The Gladiator’s first four records are all essential in any record collection, whether you’re a reggae fan or not. And some of the strongest moments on these albums are credited to Clinton Fearon.

On his own he has together with the Boogie Brown Band released several strong albums, with Mi Deh Yah from 2010 being the best up until now.

Because his latest album Heart and Soul is a sturdy contender to Mi Deh Yah.

On this brand new set Clinton Fearon has re-recorded material he was responsible for in The Gladiators. The album is based on acoustic guitar, percussion and electric bass, and thus quite different from his Mi an’ Mi Guitar set, which had Clinton Fearon singing to just an acoustic guitar.

Heart and Soul is a joy listening to from start to finish. Clinton Fearon sounds inspired, playful and carefree. I mean, just look at the album cover, this man makes you want to smile all day and all night.


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