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Talisman deconstructed

TALISMAN I-Surrection OLDWAHUK veteran reggae band Talisman reunited last year for the powerful and solid I-Surrection, a slice of roots reggae that sounded like it had been originally recorded more than 30 years ago.

This set has now been properly dubbed by David “Oldwah” Sandford. He has taken the original tracks and reshaped and rebuilt them to something new, but still very much vintage sounding.

This is not your slick and clean dub album. This is warm and easy. Most of the vocals is removed and the parts remaining have been thrown in the echo chamber.

The emphasis is of course on the drums and on the bass. The latter comes in a heavier dose compared to the original album. The guitar, organ and keyboard float on top with the singing dropping in, out and the in again.

Definitely a fine slice of authentic and vintage sounding dub that is currently only available as digital download.

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Solid roots reggae from the re-united Talisman

TALISMAN I-Surrection PackshotTalisman have – just as their Bristolian roots reggae contemporaries Black Roots – re-united and recorded solid new album.

I-Surrection is the band’s third long player and comes almost 30 years after their debut album Takin’ the Strain. They reformed in 2011 and have been honing their craft on the road ever since.

The material is written by two of the original core members and the album comes with six vocal cuts along with corresponding dub versions. The set is produced by David Hill from Rootikal Productions, and he is also responsible for the dub mixes, even though most of them are more like instrumentals. The mixing wizardry is toned down and the live instrumentation speaks for itself.

The arrangements are sparse and the bass is put at front row and throughout the six socially conscious roots anthems Talisman fight against oppression and ignorant politicians. Much has happened in the world since the band’s debut album, but the struggle and some of the problems remain the same.

Talisman’s music has also remained the same. I-Surrection could very well have been recorded in the late 70s or early 80s. The only difference is the audio quality.


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