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Relevant debut album from Irie Souljah

cover-iriesouljah-inmigrant-web-740x740Over the past years several European reggae artists have relocated to Jamaica to pursue a musical dream. Alborosie moved from Italy many, many years ago and is nowadays a Jamaican citizen. Cali P from Switzerland/Guadeloupe moved in 2010 and in 2014 Catalan singer Irie Souljah settled there as well.

And Irie Souljah’s debut album Immigrant is the fruit of his new life in the Caribbean and it was recorded entirely in Jamaica with production by Irie Souljah and Genis Trani from Reggaeland.

The title of this album – and its title track – carries some urgency and is certainly relevant in a time of war and crisis – “who is the immigrant, we are living in the same land, sharing the same sun, who is the immigrant, we are coming from the same mom, mother of creation, who is the immigrant, no matter where you come from this is not important”. It’s important to keep this in mind when refugees from, for example, the Middle East and Africa leave their countries in search of a better life.

Immigrant collects 13 tracks – including two solid dub versions and one inspired melodica cut – and offers contemporary roots reggae with a few lighter dancehall excursions as well. Bouncy and uplifting with messages of unity and love. Highlights include the thumping first single Learn & Grow and its follow up Immigrant.

Musicians and guest artists involved in this album – Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid, Sly & Robbie, Style Scott, Lee Jaffe and Nambo Robinson – should give a clear idea of what to expect.


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