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Rhythm-Ites solid Integration reissued

RHYTHMITES Packshot ARC274Another more or less never heard of UK reggae gem has been made available via Bristol Archive Records. Rhythm-Ites formed in the mid-80s in Bath and dropped their debut album Integration in 1989.

According to the band they were never really satisfied with the original mix, so the reissue of Integration is remixed using techniques of today. And it sounds solid with no attempts trying to make it sound like it was recorded in a more contemporary recording environment. It sounds like reggae did in 1989.

Integration is a serious roots album. It’s partly digital and up-tempo with songs dealing with everyday life in Britain in the late 80s. Stand out tracks include pulsating album opener Nation Integration, No Stopping We, with its militant horns, and the dark No Guns.

The original album only collected eight tracks and this reissue comes with two brand new exclusive dub versions, both sounding vintage with an 80s vibe.

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