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Sizzla the enigma revealed

For a music writer and music fan some interviews are more important than others. One of my greatest moments was a few weeks ago when I got the opportunity to talk to the prolific and enigmatic Jamaican deejay Sizzla.

He’s not one of the most consistent artists, but when he’s at his best he’s definitely on top of the game and his mid to late 90s output includes some of the best reggae music ever recorded, such as the must-have albums Black Woman & Child and Praise Ye Jah.

Funnily enough Sizzla wasn’t as all as I had pictured him. My my preconceived image of him was an angry and hot-tempered person, but he was one of the nicest artists I’ve interviewed and not nearly as heated as he sounds on wax. Check the full story over at United Reggae.

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