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Lots of sun on Jahmali’s We I Open

artworks-000080724959-uar2os-cropOne of my favourite albums from the 90s is Jahmali’s impressive debut El Shaddai, produced by Donovan Germain and released in 1998. This is until now Jahmali’s only studio album, not counting the Bobby Digital produced compilation Treasure Box.

We I Open is Jahmali’s first full-lenght in almost 20 years. This passionate and gifted singer has certainly kept a low profile for long time. But happily enough he has started to record again.

Responsible for the new effort is Catalan label Reggaeland and duo Marcus Reggaeland and Genis “Genious” Trani, a duo also responsible for Mikey General’s latest album.

We I Open is infectious to the max and it’s hard – almost impossible – not to start singing along to songs like Courageously, on Reggaeland’s Reggae Reasoning riddim, or Silver Nutmeg, a cut that could easily have been recorded in the late 80s by Aswad or Inner Circle. Check the na-na-na-na-na and you’ll known what I mean.

We I Open equals sun-burnt skin, sand between your toes and salty hair. A cheerful contemporary rub-a-dub set with lots of light to wash your troubles away.


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Finally a new album from Jahmali

artworks-000080724959-uar2os-cropIt took 13 years for the massively under-recorded Jamaican singer Jahmali to drop his second album, third if you count the Treasure Box compilation. Responsible for the new album We I Open is Catalan label Reggaeland.

He started his career in the 90s and voiced a number of hit songs for Donovan Germain, Bobby “Digital” Dixon and Barry O’Hare. He is to date probably best known for songs such as Let Me Live and El Shaddai as well as the Buju Banton combination Mother’s Cry.

Since the 90s he has kept a low profile, but made a minor come back a few years ago when he dropped Blood Thirsty on UK’s Necessary Mayhem Records.

We I Open was recorded in Jamaica, Spain and California and includes twelve tracks produced by Marcus Reggaeland and written by his companion Genis “Genious” Trani along with lyrics from Jahmali.

“We I Open is a gift to the world and a personal contribution towards part of one of the only possible solutions in this spiritual struggle,” says Jahmali in a press release.

We I Open drops on June 1st.

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Curtis Lynch reveals future projects

In early 2010 I was asked to contribute to Swedish magazine Reggae Galore. I suggested an interview with UK producer Curtis Lynch who runs the Necessary Mayhem label.

I contacted him and I remember it was difficult to find a date for the interview. When I finally got him on Skype the Internet connection broke down. I gave the interview a few more shots, but it never happened. Until now. For United Reggae, and not Reggae Galore.

I spoke to Curtis a few weeks ago and we discussed some of his many upcoming projects, among them a 2012 sampler titled Future Cuts and a possible album release from the under recorded Jamaican singer Jahmali.

The full story along with a exclusive mix and exclusive photos can be found over at United Reggae.

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45an är död. Leve 45an.

För många – även för mig själv – har tyvärr den så kallade sjutummarn ”45an, eller sjuan” förpassats till en tynande tillvaro. Personligen älskar jag vinylskivor, men har aldrig fastat för singelformatet. Det har stundtals varit en smula problematiskt, eftersom reggae till stor till är, och har alltid varit, en genre som bygger på singlar. Lösningen har ofta blivit samlingsplattor.

bmcFör många är dock sjuan fortfarande kung i skivbackarna. Exempelvis för BMC, som satt ihop en podcast med namnet Nothing can touch the 45.

Den nya podcasten inleds ståndsmässigt med Ray Darwins Nothing can touch my 45. Inledningsspåret sätter ribban högt, men i vanlig ordning lever BMC upp till de högt ställda förväntningarna. Det finns otroligt många starka spår i den här mixen. Ska jag välja några som sticker ut lite extra får det bli Jah dawta med Queen Omega, Serious med Jahmali och Child molester med Assassin. Utöver dessa relativt nya namn, så väver BMC in gamla rävar som Big Youth, John Holt och The Ethiopians.

Ladda ner podcasten redan i dag så är helgen räddad.


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