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Too many gone too soon

I started writing about reggae music about three years ago. Over these years a number of producers and artists have unfortunately passed away. Some died of natural causes, while other became victims of the seemingly endless violence in Jamaica.

The latest victim is the youthful voice of Matthew McAnuff, son of Winston and brother of Kush of Uprising Roots Band fame. He was murdered in Jamaica on Wednesday August 22 only 27 years old.

The list of murdered people in the music business in Jamaica is long. Too long.

Last year Joel Chin, A&R at VP Records, was murdered and the year before Oneil Edwards from Voicemail was gunned down outside his home.

You also have Pan Head, Peter Tosh, Dirtsman, General Echo, Hugh Mundell, King Tubby and Prince Far I. All were tragically murdered.

The violence in Jamaica has been infamous for decades. However, reports from earlier this year state that the murder rate is declining, and March 2012 had the lowest murder rate in more than nine years, according to U.S. research firm InSight Crime.

Statistics show that the murder rate also decreased in 2010 compared to 2009. In 2010 1,428 murders were reported compared to 1,682 in 2009, a decrease by 15 percent, according to Jamaica Observer.

Even though it’s going in the right direction, and has done so for some years now, the murder rate in Jamaica is still among the highest in the Caribbean.

Let’s hope that this positive trend continues, because far too many – both people in the music industry and others – are gone all too soon.

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Busy Signal sjunger för fred

Danchallstjärnan Busy Signal, Sverigeaktuell i sommar, visar en ny sida av sig själv på kommande singeln Let Peace Reign från plattan D.O.B som släpps den 13 juli. Det skriver Jamaica Observer.

Let Peace Reign är en akustisk och personlig vädjan om fred på Jamaica och i andra delar av världen. Låten spelades in för omkring tre månader sedan och är inte knuten till de pågående oroligheterna på ön.

Singeln är producerad av Shane C. Brown och kommer även att finnas på en kommande samlingsplatta med akustiska låtar.

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