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The art of music consumption

”Fuck Spotify”. Two words, one sentence, that has travelled all over the world due to Twitter.

These famous words were exclaimed recently by the to me unknown musician and producer Jon Hopkins. His reason for these strong words? Poor revenues from streaming service Spotify. Jon Hopkins had received a petty 8 GBP for 90,000 plays.

At the same time that Spotify is criticized, the company announces 2.5 million paying subscribers.

When I use Spotify I get frustrated when I don’t find what I’m looking for. Sure, most people are upset that Metallica or Beatles are not available. But, I’d rather find the catalogues from, say, Pressure Sounds, Heartbeat or Soul Jazz Records.

And I really hate when you find an album, but only half of the material is available. It most certainly has to do with copyright issues.

Some labels are actually also removing their material from Spotify and other streaming services. This out of two main reasons. It’s just not worth it and the service is cannibalizing on other, more lucrative, formats.

I really like Spotify. It is a great complement to other formats, but I wouldn’t rely on it solely for my music consumption. The supply is just to poor at the moment, and it’s not the same as owning your own copy – physical or not.

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