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It isn’t perfect

For the second time in a row the fiercely intense singer/deejay Perfect Giddimani has collaborated with U.S. based producers for an album. Last year Zion I Kings helmed the production on his beautiful and soulful Back for the First Time, while MG and Dan of Seattle’s Dynasty Records are responsible for producing his brand new studio album Journey of 1 000 Miles.

It was recorded in Jamaica and Seattle and its 16 tunes offer a variety of styles – contemporary roots reggae and dancehall, pop, hip-hop, R&B and bland electronica fight for your attention.

Unfortunately only the reggae tracks are well-above par, while the detours into boring electronica, hip-hop and R&B don’t measure up to the same level.

The title track and vegetarian anthem Dinner Time – with its melody borrowed from Michael Rose’s classic Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – are some of the highlights. The closing tracks – Happy and Coming Home – are sort of music you’ll hear on mainstream radio. Coming Home might grab your attention since it has the same chords as Bruno Mars’ smash hit Just the Way You Are.

Perfect has with his albums Born Dead With Life, French Connection and Back For the First Time already proved that he is a talented and versatile artist, equally at ease with the urban, rootsy and soulful sounds.

Journey of 1 000 Miles is not a bad album and it might have been a good try to venture into new genres, but Perfect should stick to what he does best – reggae and dancehall.

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