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Decent debut album from Junior X

Jamaican Rastafarian singer, sometimes singjay, Junior X, or just Jr. X, made an impression on me in 2009 when I stumbled upon Love We Need, a duet with Zamunda and Perfect. The same year he also contributed to Pow Pow’s excellent Surfer riddim.

But Junior X started much earlier. In the early 90’s he auditioned for producer Dave Kelly, and in the early 21st century he recorded an album for Dennis Wright that wasn’t put out.

He recorded another album, this time for Herbs House. But this one wasn’t released either, apart from a few tunes. One of those was Plead My Cause, included on Junior X’ third album. A set that was released digitally earlier this year, and has now been put out physically as well.

Plead My Cause – as the album is titled – is a conscious effort full of social commentaries set to mostly contemporary one drop riddims, but also a few in the more dancehall oriented vein.

The strongest efforts being One More Night with its sing-a-long chorus and the hidden combinations Look No Further and Never Stop Trying with Queen Ifrica and Gyptian respectively. Hidden, because it’s not stated anywhere that these artists contribute to the songs. A bit strange since both Queen Ifrica and Gyptian are more well-known than Junior X himself.

Plead My Cause is a decent debut from this promising artist. I hope he can continue in the same strong style as One More Night, Love We Need or the recently released Sizzla combination Changes on SherKhan’s Electricity riddim.

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