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Goodbye SoundCloud

About ten years ago I got into podcasts and online-based reggae mixtapes, partly thanks to BMC and his excellent work. It was thanks to his mixes that I got interested in contemporary reggae. I listened to his mixtapes, sets that always credited artist, label and riddim when available. I later bought the cuts or the albums that I liked.

After a few years I decided to make my own mixtapes and I used his recipe – no full tracks and added audio effects. These mixtapes were not about making money or exploiting the artists, producers or labels. They were meant to promote the music that I love. I wanted other people to hear my current favorites and then buy what they liked. Just like I did and still do.

Mixtapes have been around for ages (remember cassettes?). But they have also always been something of a grey area. And now the people at SoundCloud – the largest online audio distribution service – have started to remove mixes from their site because of copyright violations.

SoundCloud’s policy is clear – uploading copyrighted material is not permitted. That’s fine and the way it should be. They have however been more tolerant about it when it comes to mixtapes and radio shows. But that’s in the past. They now have a more aggressive approach, maybe because of new agreements with major labels and copyright violation tracking services.

My mixes are among those that have been removed from SoundCloud. And just like many others I received no notification or warning.

The question is how this approach will effect SoundCloud in the long run. They have been enormously successful and have for years been the preferred choice for top DJ’s sharing their work to the world. Now I note that several DJs are turning to SoundCloud’s main competitor Mixcloud, a service that even has a SoundCloud Import function.

I enjoy being introduced to new music through listening to mixtapes and radio shows. Consequently, I will follow the DJs, their content and hang out more at Mixcloud. SoundCloud will probably still be the preferred choice for producers and labels for a while longer, but I have a feeling music lovers will follow the DJs. Where the consumers go, labels have to follow. And the circle is complete when Mixcloud has grown too big.


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Lovers rock according to DJ Andy Smith

1407143662_dj-andy-smiths-lovers-rock-a-mixed-selection-from-the-british-lovers-rock-sceneDJ Andy Smith – a popular UK DJ – has curated a number of mixing compilations during his long career, for example The Document, Trojan Document, Let’s Boogaloo and Andy Smith’s Northern Soul. But he has also been Portishead’s tour DJ and supplied samples for their first two albums.

His latest project is a journey through Jamaican and British lovers rock. This 14 track selection – available as single tracks or a continuous mix – reaches deep into the genre and pulls out some gems, both classics and lost ones, all taken from legendary label Jet Star’s vast back catalogue.

This mix is a taster into lovers rock territory, and this particular genre is often synonymous with the UK, but this compilation offers an usually large proportion of Jamaican singers, for example Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Al Campbell, Delroy Wilson, Barry Biggs and Dennis Brown. UK singers are of course also represented – Kofi, Sandra Cross and Carroll Thompson are featured.

The full album has been carefully and respectfully pieced together by Andy Smith and gives a broad view of a beloved and gentle style of reggae. So relax, dim the lights – as Winston Reedy sings on the set’s opening track – and press play.

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Sounds of Reggaemani

Three years ago I started to do my own mixtapes to promote some of my favorite tunes and riddims at the time. The first mixtape was a Summer Vibes, mixtape released in the early Swedish spring of 2010. As the title suggests it contained easy-going and peaceful sounds from the likes of Etana and Luciano. After Summer Vibes I did another 13 mixtapes with various directions.

Unfortunately time has not allowed me to do much on the mixtape front for almost two years. Writing about music for Reggaemani and United Reggae take the lot of my time these days.

When a new mixtape arrives I have no idea. I have plenty of music and ideas, but less time on my hands. So until then you might as well check out the sweet sounds of Reggaemani on either Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

On Soundcloud
From Waterhouse to the World
Dedicated to the works of Michael Rose.

Food For Your Soul
A varied selection of artists and riddims from 2010 and 2011.

Chillin’ in the Cold
On a cold winter weekend in 2010 I put together some warm Jamaican and European reggae sounds.

Riding the Reggae Train in 2010
Another varied selection of artists and riddims from 2010 and 2011.

A One-Drop Hip-Hop Mix
Hip-hop influenced reggae at its best.

Skanking in the 21st Century
A bunch of ska tunes done in a modern style and fashion.

Strictly Roots & Culture – An Irie Ites Special
Dedicated to the works of French production crew the Irie Ites.

On Mixcloud
A Celebration to All Reggae Queens
Two years ago on the International Women’s Day I decided to make a mix with only female artists ranging from the 60’s up until today.

Shakin’ it From the Foundation
Yet another varied selection of artists and riddims from 2010 and 2011.

Spring Mix With Modern Roots
17 tunes dating mainly from 2010.

Summer Vibes – A Sunshine Reggae Mix
My first mixtape, and it contains warm and relaxed sounds, made for a day on the beach.

A Pleasant Roots Mix
For about a year I played records at a bar in Stockholm called Pleasant. I did this mix to promote the first occasion.

A Curtis Lynch Special
Dedicated to the works of UK producer Curtis Lynch.

Revelation Time – Steppin’ it in a UK Style
Hard and mostly UK-produced steppers.

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A celebration to all reggae Queens

Today is the International Women’s Day, a day of global celebration of women. As a tribute and a celebration to all the Queens in reggae music I’ve compiled a mix with some of my favorite tunes from female singers. Most of the tracks are well-known, but hopefully I’m able to broaden the horizon for a few.

Reggae songstresses have always been out there. Marcia Griffiths – the Queen of Reggae – has been active since the 60’s. At that point in time she was in great company with stars such as Joya Landis, Phyllis Dillon and Hortense Ellis.

Marcia Griffiths continued to record in the 70’s under her own name and as part of the I Threes, a group that used to sing back-up vocals for Bob Marley. The other singers in the I Threes were Judy Mowatt and Rita Marley.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s female deejays also entered the scene. The most successful is by no competition Sister Nancy, who scored a huge hit with the hypnotic Bam Bam. During these years the lovers rock genre also gained attention with singers such as Janet Kay, JC Lodge and the late Deborahe Glasgow.

In the 90’s Lady Saw made a name for herself with rude lyrics and lewd stage shows. She has been hugely successful and is labeled the Queen of Dancehall these days.

But she has fierce competition from other women, rude or otherwise. Today there are more female reggae singers than ever, a fantastic development that I’d like to see continue.

Several female reggae singers are in dancehall, like Ce’Cile, Tami Chynn, Spice, Keida and Timberlee. Others are somewhat in between dancehall and roots, such as Alaine.

On the more conscious tip you have Etana, Dezarie, Queen Omega, Queen Ifrica and Sena.

A Celebration to All Reggae Queens is a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound effects. If you enjoy what you hear, please support the Queens, producers and labels and buy the music. All of them are easy to find on CD or mp3. I apologize for the poor sound quality on some tracks. A bunch of the 60’s and 70’s tunes are taken from vinyl.

Listen in the player below and download by clicking the link (right click, save as). You can also listen via Mixcloud.

Reggaemani – A Celebration to All Reggae Queens

Artist – song title (riddim)

1. Nora Dean – Barbwire (You Don’t Care)
2. Joya Landis – Moonlight Lover (Moonlight Lover)
3. Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (54-46)
4. Susan Cadogan – Hurt so Good
5. Judy Mowatt – Down in the Valley
6. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam (Stalag)
7. Rita Marley – One Draw 12” mix (One Draw)
8. JC Lodge – Telephone Love (Rumours)
9. Deborahe Glasgow – Champion Lover (Rumours)
10. Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) (You Don’t Love Me)
11. Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree (Joyride)
12. Tanya Stephens – It’s a Pity (Doctor’s Darling)
13. Dezarie – Poverty
14. Alaine – Deeper
15. Tami Chynn – Over and Over (Guardian Angel)
16. Queen Omega – Jah Dawta (Soprano)
17. Sena – Outcry in the City (Stronga)
18. Etana – I Got You
19. Queen Ifrica – Times Like These (City Life)
20. Ce’Cile – Take My Heart (Major)

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Shakin’ it From the Foundation

Time again for a mix with some great reggae music. Shakin’ it From the Foundation is a mixed dish of contemporary reggae. I’ve added some rock steady, nyabinghi and hip-hop infused one drop.

Most productions are European. You have the great Roberto Sánchez from Spain, Curtis Lynch from the UK and Frenchman Sherkhan, now operating from Jamaica though.

There are both originals and relicks. Youl’ll probably recognize the last riddim in the mix as it provided the backing for the Mighty Diamonds hit tune Pass the Kouchie from the early 80’s.

Liquid’s Hold a Vibe will probably also sound familiar. It’s based on the Liquidator riddim produced by Harry J in the late 60’s. The best known version is probably I’ll Take You There by American soul group Staple Singers.

All tunes are of course carefully selected. But Rasta Chant stands out since its performer passed soon after it was released. J.O.E died only 25 years old from a brain aneurysm.

As usual – Shakin’ it From the Foundation is a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound effects. If you like what you hear, please support the artists, producers and labels and purchase the tunes. Most of them are available on vinyl, mp3 or CD.

Listen in the player below and download by clicking the link (right click, save as). You can also listen via Mixcloud.

Reggaemani – Shakin’ it From the Foundation

Artist – song title (label – riddim)

1. Alpheus – From Creation (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
2. Lone Ark Riddim Force – Creation Dub (A-Lone – Dirty Dozen)
3. Courtney John – Love Is (Joe Fraser – You Don’t Need Me)
4. Sadiki – Change Your Mind (Joe Fraser – You Don’t Need Me)
5. Liquid – Hold a Vibe (Liquidator)
6. Junior X & Sizzla – Changes (Tiger – Electricity 2nd Part: DC)
7. Perfect – So Much I Love You (Tiger – Electricity 2nd Part: DC)
8. Sherkhan – Electricity Riddim Version (Tiger – Electricity 1st Part: AC)
9. Sizzla – Terrible Stranger (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
10. Monster Twins – Congo Drum (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
11. J.O.E – Rasta Chant (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
12. Tarrus Riley – Chaka Zulu Pickney (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
13. Bombrush Muzik – Nyabinghi Instrumental (Bombrush – Nyabinghi)
14. Jah Marnyah – Be Careful (Next Generation Family – Backstabber)
15. Queen Omega – Take Control (Next Generation Family – Backstabber)
16. Next Generation Family – Backstabber Riddim Version (Next Generation Family – Backstabber)
17. Franz Job – Special Lover (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)
18. Mr. Williamz – Tommy Ranks (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)
19. Da Grynch – Pass the Kouchie Instrumental (Necessary Mayhem – Pass the Kouchie)

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Reggaemani’s best mixes in 2010

Mixes are such a great way of finding new music. Just let someone else do the hard work of finding the best tunes and then you buy them for yourself.

This year has presented lots of great mixes – ranging from old school reggae and dancehall to lovers rock and contemporary one drop.

A trusted source for many years have been BMC. This year he didn’t produce as many mixes as usual, but one did really make an impression on me and made me reevaluate Tarrus Riley.

There has also been some nice mashups and reggae remixes mixtapes. Max Tannone produced Talib Kweli and Mos Def in a reggae style. Both are wicked efforts. But my favorite this year was Yankees A Yard vol. 3 from French production duo Bost & Bim.

Below are my three favorite mixes this year. I’ve played these many, many times and strongly recommend you to download number three and two and buy the number one.

3. BMC – Tarrus Riley & Friends
I’ve always liked Riley junior. But at the same time I’ve thought that he’s a little too soft. This mix changed my view completely.

2. Safari Sound – Rock n’ Vibes Mixtape – Hosted by Ziggi Recado & Maikal X
Swedish Safari Sound in cooperation with Dutch label Rock n’ Vibes. Many great dubplates from singjay Ziggi Recado and singer Maikal X. But also some of the greatest tunes in 2010.

1. Bost & Bim – Yankees A Yard vol. 3
I must admit it. I’m a sucker for mash-ups and reggae remixes of hip-hop and soul. And this 40 track mixtape, only available on CD, made my summer.

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Reggaemani presents – Chillin’ in the Cold

Chillin’ in the Cold is my latest reggae mix and I have chosen tunes that have been keeping me warm these last couple of weeks. Since the temperature in Stockholm has been down to -15 ºC (5 ºF) recently, I have been listening to rather a lot of music to keep me sane.

Riding the Reggae Train 2010 was my previous mix. That one was a diverse excursion into one drop reggae, dancehall and dubstep.

I really enjoyed making it, so Chillin in the Cold is really eclectic and gathers many different styles. You have one drop reggae, dancehall, nyabinghi and some very, very pop influenced reggae.

The last seven songs on Chillin’ in the Cold are as close to pop music reggae can get. Any of these could easily make it into the top lists with the right promotion campaign.

Yes, I might have gone a bit soft on this one. But, I guess you have to broaden your horizons some times and not only go for the obvious roots reggae or dancehall.

The mix only contains tunes from 2010. Some are brand new, for example Jahdan Blakkamoore’s All Comes Back to One and J-Boog’s Waiting on the Rain.

As usual – Chillin’ in the Cold is a continuous mix with no full tracks and some added sound samples. If you like what you hear, please support the artists, producers and labels and purchase the tunes. Most of them are easily available as mp3, CD or vinyl.

Listen in the player below and download by clicking the link (right click, save as). You can also listen and download via Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Reggaemani presents – Chillin’ in the Cold

Artist – song title (label – riddim)

1. Junior Kelly – Same Way (Soul Vybz – Same Way)
2. Luciano – Save Us Oh Jah (Soul Vybz – Same Way)
3. Soul Vybz All Stars – Same Way Riddim (Soul Vybz – Same Way)
4. Ras Mac Bean – Brighter Day (Rubaskapeù Prod – Brighter Day)
5. Queen Omega – Last Days (Rubaskapeù Prod – Brighter Day)
6. Babyclone Band & IkaRooTs MuZik – Brighter Day Riddim (Rubaskapeù Prod – Brighter Day)
7. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax & Anthony B – Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk (Subatomic Sound)
8. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax & Jahdan Blakkamoore – Real Authentic Vibes (Subatomic Sound)
9. Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax – NYC-2 Africa (Subatomic Sound)
10. Fantan Mojah – Hungry Again (Special Delivery – Westside)
11. Konshens – Crossfire (Special Delivery – Westside)
12. Chris Martin – As I Walk Away (Young Veterans – Jah Protect)
13. Konshens – Watch Me Fade (Young Veterans – Jah Protect)
14. Perfect – Work Hard (Young Veterans – Jah Protect)
15. Jahdan Blakkamoore – All Comes back to One (Lustre Kings)
16. Protoje & Ky-Mani Marley – Rasta Love (Don Corleon)
17. J-Boog – Waiting on the Rain (Don Corleon)
18. Mighty Howard – Home (Mighty Works)


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