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Some very strong moments on Jah Marnyah’s debut album

After vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer Jah Marnyah’s move from the small Caribbean island of Montserrat to the UK, because of the volcanic eruptions in the mid 90’s, he has put out over 30 singles for a broad variety of labels and producers.

Now his debut album A New Day has arrived through his own label Faya Wurks as digital download.

This 13 track set includes four previously released singles and is mainly produced by Faya Wurks with live and computerized riddims composed by Sound Guyz and mixing provided by Fabienne Romano of Dub Akom.

A New Day deals with issues concerning everyday life and has Jah Marnyah singing, singjaying and deejaying in a rough and tough style. Musically it ranges from the slow and sweet auto-tuned R&B feel of More Than a Friend over the dark, deep and spiritual Rasta is Love to the upbeat ska track Musical Party.

It hosts several strong moments and bright and catchy melodies, but Jah Marnyah should concentrate on his singjay and deejay styles, since some of his straight singing is occasionally too off-key to get an A.

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