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Three tasty releases from the Scotch Bonnet camp

SCOB036_A_500The always reliable and forward-thinking label Scotch Bonnet – run by Mungo’s Hifi – have  recently put three tasty releases – two 7” singles and one 12” EP.

These bass heavy digital dancehall gems include debut releases from Tradesman and Subactive Sound System as well as a remix from Mungo’s Hifi themselves.

Tradesman has teamed up with Parly B on In a Competition, which collects a lethal version on the flipside.

Mungo’s Hifi take on the UK classic Your Love – originally cut by Michael Prophet and Ricky Tuffy. This remix stays true to its 90’s digital sound and the accompanying instrumental cries out for deejays to ride it.

Subactive Sound System’s cuts features El Fata, who last appeared on the label with his hit Mary Jane in 2007, and Ranking Levy, the main man from My Lord Sound. The vocals cover a range from sweet singing through fast chatting and cool and deadly deejaying while Subactive’s riddim track powers through on a heavy undulating bass line.

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Serious 80’s vibes on Midnight Walkers

stand-high-patrolMidnight Walkers is the debut album from French sound system Stand High Patrol, an album full of genuine early digital 80’s vibes combined with dubstep, hip-hop and electronic dance music.

The album collects two instrumentals, two semi-instrumentals and nine cuts with vocals provided by the versatile high-voiced Pupa Jim, probably best known for his work with German Jahtari, Danish Maffi and Scottish Mungo’s Hifi. His delivery is in the same vein as flat voiced 80’s champions King Kong, Anthony “Red” Rose, Nitty Gritty and Tenor Saw.

Pupa Jim might at times sound a bit like a comic book character or novelty figure, but he’s an expert in giving a song its own style and he sings, raps and shouts over the sparse, dark, deep, mystic and repetitive beats he’s provided with.

Among the many highlights are the up-tempo Boat People, the electro-styled instrumental title track and the amusing Home Made, probably the first ever attempt to combine reggae and g-funk.

If you enjoy simplistic and head-nodding digital reggae with a contemporary twist, then you should definitely check out this album.

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