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Edward Seaga is back where it all started

Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Edward Seaga has teamed up with reggae giant VP Records on the newly released four disc genre spanning compilation Reggae Golden Jubilee – Origins of Jamaican Music with sounds spanning almost 50 years.

Edward Seaga

Edward Seaga is former Jamaican Prime Minister with a background in the music business.

Edward Seaga is 82 years old and has played a significant role in Jamaican politics ever since the island’s independence in 1962. He served as Prime Minister between 1980 and 1989 and was also leader of the conservative JLP for more than 30 years.

But he has also been instrumental in shaping Jamaica’s music industry and founded West Indies Records Limited (WIRL), a label that released early recordings from artists such as Byron Lee & The Dragonaires and Higgs & Wilson, a duo that scored a hit song with Manny Oh for him in 1959.

Now Edward Seaga is back in the music business where it all started and I talked to him about his career and also asked him to set some classic reggae tunes in context when it was first released. Check the full story over at United Reggae.

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