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Confident and powerful debut from LMK

LMK_MusicalGardenVersatile French singer LMK (pronounced Lmkah) unleashes her debut album Musical Garden, a contemporary set recorded together with seven different producers.

It’s a tasty mix of reggae, dub and hip-hop where LMK showcases her electric flow, rapid-fire delivery and tongue twisting techniques. Just listen to Cry Me a River or So Bad where she effortlessly shifts from sweet singing in the chorus to blazing rhyming in the verses. She’s sounds like a female version of Tippa Irie.

LMK is in the same vein as Marina P and Soom T, two other powerful and very versatile singers that can handle any riddim. Be it slick and soulful or fierce and dread. They always nail it.

Musical Garden is an in your face debut album. The big and bad, and very hip-hip inspired, Best of What You Got with its air horns, pulsating bass line and confident delivery, is a telling example.

The energy is flowing across the first nine tracks, which are followed by three laid-back acoustic joints. Maybe it just got too intense and it needed to be rounded off.

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