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A solid collection of singles on new EP from Naptali

naptali-rastafreedom_epFive years have passed since the latest album release from Jamaican-born singer Naptali. Now he’s back with a new set, this time it’s an EP with nine tracks, and again it’s done in collaboration with Oneness Records.

Rasta Freedom is essentially a collection of previously released tracks taken from compilations and one riddim albums, including Boasy Slave on African Children riddim, Nuh Partial on Retro Locks riddim, Deceitful on Backstabber riddim and Rasta Freedom from One Love, One Heart, Oneness. Included are also two unreleased dub cuts mixed by forward-thinking producer and sound engineer Umberto Echo.

Several of the cuts are collaborations with Jamaican deejay Arofat, but Naptali also shares the microphone with Indonesian singer Ras Muhamad.

Rasta Freedom is a solid collection of tracks and Naptali has a sadness in his voice that sticks like glue and gives most of the tracks a melancholic vibe.

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