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Fiesta for Lee Perry collectors

Pressure Sounds – one of the most industrious re-issue labels – has managed to dig out 20 extremely rare dub plates produced by legendary producer Lee “Scratch” Perry, who has produced dozens of classic tunes.

Lee Perry is known for his eclectic style and moved his music in directions that no-one has done. His style is intense, multi-layered and extraordinarily experimental. Some might call it downright crazy at times.

Sound System Scratch – Lee Perry’s Dub Plate Mixes 1973 to 1979 collects exclusive mixes of many familiar tunes, never heard before outside of sound system dances. Included are great songs such as Groovy Situation from Keith Rowe, Roots Train by Junior Murvin and History from Carlton Jackson.

Some tunes are almost mixed beyond recognition. They’ve been pushed and pulled, tweaked and pitched into new directions.

The sound on Sound System Scratch isn’t always great, but that’s not really an issue. The main thing is to discover the genius of Lee Perry and his sometimes unimaginable mixing style.

As usual with Pressure Sounds, the design and extra material included is flawless. The album comes in a stark striking black and white design with previously unseen photographs, archive material and an accompanying seven inch single Dub Plate Pressure. The version side, with the rhythm dubbed into oblivion, does not feature on the album.

This album is probably not for the ordinary reggae or Lee Perry aficionado. This album is aimed at the collectors market. But Pressure Sounds once again show that there are so much great music to discover.


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Pressure Sounds drops six slices of the Rumours rhythm

The great re-issue label Pressure Sounds drops six cuts of the classic 80’s rhythm Rumours by Bunny “Striker” Lee. This outstanding digital rhythm was originally produced by Augustus “Gussie” Clarke and gave Gregory Isaacs a massive hit.

The tunes will be put out on three seven inch 45’s with picture sleeve, available from October 18. The vocal cuts are by Cornell Campbell and Delroy Wilson, each accompanied by a version. Instrumental versions are provided by veteran trombonist Vin Gordon and Toney Asha.

As usual with Pressure Sounds, these tunes haven’t been available for a long time. Some of the cuts were originally on the LP More Ideas released in 1988. The Cornell Campbell cut was however only ever available on a single and the dub versions were only featured on the seven inch releases from Delroy Wilson and Cornell Campbell.

The Rumours rhythm has been versioned many times. Recently by UK-based producer Curtis Lynch, who dropped some heavy as lead cuts with Chyna Soulstar & Demolition Man and Blackout JA & Michie One.

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