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Ziggy Marley scores yet another Grammy

ziggymarley-flyrastaAt the 57th annual Grammy Award – held last Sunday – Ziggy Marley scored yet another Grammy. Last year he won for his live album In Concert and now his awarded for his Fly Rasta set.

Ziggy Marley has in total won six Grammy’s, including the ones together with the Melody Makers, a group that also included his brother Stephen Marley and his sisters Sharon and Cedella Marley. In the past ten years Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley or Damian Marley have now won seven times. Things are starting to get absurd.

The five other contenders for the award included Lee Perry’s Back on the Controls, Sean Paul’s Full Frequency, Shaggy’s Out of Many One Music, Sly & Robbie & Spicy Chocolate’s The Reggae Power and Soja’s Amid the Noise and Haste. I would have selected Shaggy or Lee Perry without any hesitation.

The big winner of the night was however British soul singer Sam Smith, who won no less than four categories, including the prestigious prizes for record and song of the year and best new artist.

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Two big reggae albums in the Grammy finals

There is one nature law in reggae – if one of the Marley’s has put out or produced an album it will be nominated for a Grammy that year. That is pre-determined.

The nominees for the 2015 Grammy Awards were presented yesterday. Guess who’s one of the six nominees in the reggae category? Ziggy Marley and his album Fly Rasta. The five other contenders for the award include Lee Perry’s Back on the Controls, Sean Paul’s Full Frequency, Shaggy’s Out of Many One Music, Sly & Robbie & Spicy Chocolate’s The Reggae Power and Soja’s Amid the Noise and Haste.

Best reggae album Grammy

Two of these six albums are surely heavyweights and I would not be disappointed if Shaggy or Lee Perry received the award. Their respective albums are well-above the usual dull reggae albums in the Grammy Awards.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards will be held February 8 and notable nominees include Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams and Jay Z.

“This year’s nominees are a reflection of the music community’s diversity and range of talent, and a testament to The Academy’s voting process,” says Neil Portnow, President & CEO of The Recording Academy, in a press release.

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Reggae Grammy nominees announced

grammyIn the past weeks a list of entries to the Grammy Award for best reggae album has circulated. The list contained a total of 53 entries and had its fair bit of highs and lows. Yesterday the actual nominees were announced and unfortunately only one of five nominees is a real gem.

The total list of 53 entries contained several great albums, for example Busy Signal’s Reggae Music Again, Courtney John’s From Letters To Words, I Octane’s Crying to the Nation, Konshens’ Mental Maintenance, Singing Melody’s They Call Me Mr. Melody and Jimmy Cliff’s Rebirth. The only one that made to the final round was Rebirth.

But there is good news. Rebirth is by far the strongest nominee. It’s accompanied by The Original Wailers’ Miracle, Sean Paul’s Tomahawk Technique, Sly & Robbie & The Ram Masters’ New Legend and Toots Hibbert’s Unplugged At Strawberry Hill.

Rebirth is Jimmy Cliff’s strongest album since his heydays in the 60’s and 70’s and if there’s any justice in the world and the jury knows anything about reggae music; it will be a landslide victory for Jimmy Cliff.

The winners of the 55th Grammy Award will be presented on February 10, 2013.

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I’m still laughing

The Grammy nominees for best reggae album have been announced. The proud nominees are Monty Alexander’s Harlem-Kingston Express Live!, Israel Vibration’s Reggae Knights, Stephen Marley’s Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life, Ziggy Marley’s Wild and Free and Shaggy’s Summer in Kingston.

As usual parts of the Marley family are nominated along with the usual odd choices.

To be a part of the Grammy nomination procedure you have to submit a physical copy of the recording to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). And once the work is entered it’s reviewed by more than 150 said to be experts from the recording industry. These experts then decide if the work is eligible or not.

The resulting list is circulated to all NARAS members, and they are the ones that make the final decision about the winner in each category. The Academy members are required to vote based upon quality alone. This means that they should not be influenced by the commercial success of an album, which is probably easier said than done.

I can’t say I have much trust in these experts nor the Academy members when it comes to reggae. However, it’s hard to be too critical since I have no idea what albums that actually have been submitted for selection.

The nominees that have been presented are pretty far away from my own list. I’d have added Alpheus and Takana Zion and their excellent albums. And if you would like more well-known artists you could check the albums from Sizzla, Richie Spice and Alborosie, who recently won the MOBO Award.

Last year I wrote that the Reggae Grammy is a joke, and I’m still laughing, even though I hope that this event will promote and highlight the real gems in reggae music.

The Grammy Awards 2012 will be held on 12 February in Los Angeles, and I hope – and I could also bet on it – that Stephen Marley walks home with a gramophone under his arm.

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Stephen Marley tog hem sin andra Grammy

Bob Marley-sonen Stephen kammade i går kväll hem sin andra Grammy för plattan Mind Control. Det rapporterar bland annat Dancehall Mobi. Sin första Grammy fick han för originalversionen av Mind Control 2008, och sin andra för den akustiska versionen av samma platta.

Konkurrensen bestod av Rasta Got Soul från Buju Banton, Awake med Julian Marley, Brand New Me med veteranen Gregory Isaacs och Imperial Blaze med Sean Paul.

Hade jag enhälligt valt vinnare bland de nominerade hade det blivit Rasta Got Soul med Buju Banton, även om den plattan hamnade utanför mina personliga favoriter från förra året.

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Nominerade för Reggae Grammy 2010 har tillkännagetts

Flera sajter rapporterar om de fem finalister som nominerats för en reggae grammy nästa år. Totalt var 39 artister nominerade, men den listan har alltså kokats ner till fem.

De nominerade plattorna har släppts mellan den 1 oktober 2008 och den 31 augusti 2009, vilket diskvalificerar personliga favoriter som Omar Perrys Can’t Stop Us Now och Chezideks I Grade.

De nominerade plattorna är:

Buju Banton – Rasta Got Soul
Gregory Isaacs – Brand New Me
Julian Marley – Awake
Stephen Marley – Mind Control
Sean Paul – Imperial Blaze

Har inte hört vare sig Julian eller Stephen Marleys plattor, men det känns typiskt att två Marleys är nominerade.

En personlig lista på nominerade hade sett en smula annorlunda ut och exempelvis innehållit Sojahs Modern Revolution och Takana Zions Rappel à l’Ordre.

Grammy-utdelningen äger rum i Los Angeles den 31 januari nästa år.


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