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Eclectic new EP from Kiddus I

4571179531726Legendary Jamaican singer Kiddus I, who has a fascinating story, has worked with a number of different producers since he returned to the music scene about ten years ago. It started with Earl “Chinna” Smith and his Inna De Yard project and it has been followed by three studio albums – Green Fa Life, Topsy Turvy World and Take a Trip. All recorded together with European musicians.

Now Kiddus I has a new collaboration. This time with Japan’s Dub Store Records and ten piece outfit Reggaelation Independance.

Kiddus I meets Reggaelation Independance is an EP with five tracks – three vocal cut, one dub version and one instrumental. And all tracks have their own unique character and style. Flying at Knots – also released as single with a shorter version – is tough roots with prominent horns, Wake Up is a funky excursion and Future is a beautiful acoustic jam with nyabinghi drumming.

A delightful EP that shows several sides of this jazzy singer.

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