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We have a winner of Black Gold

The Duane Stephenson competition is settled. Reggaemani congratulates the winner and gives standing ovations to Mr. Kent Eriksson from Nässjö in Sweden. He was among those who got both answers right, so the competition was decided by random draw.

Kent Eriksson wins a copy of Duane Stephenson’s sophomore album Black Gold released by VP Records.

Curious about the right answers? Yeah, of course you are. VP announced a merger deal with Greensleeves in January 2008 and Duane Stephenson started his career in the group To-Isis.

Thanks to all of you who submitted your answers.

standing ovations to Mr. Kent Eriksson from X in Sweden. He was among those who got both answers right, so the competition was decided by random draw.
Kent Eriksson wins a copy of Duane Stephenson’s sophomore album Black Gold released by VP Records.
Curious about the right answers? Yeah, of course you are. VP announced a merger deal with Greensleeves in January 2008 and Duane Stephenson started his career in the group To-Isis.
Thanks to all of you who sent in your answers.

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Reggaemani presents a new reggae mix

So far 2010 seem like a pretty decent reggae year. I collected some of my favorite tunes on a roots mix presented in April. And now it’s time to drop a new continuous mix with some wicked tunes from producers around the globe.

Starting off in the U.S. with producers Philadub and three licks of their pulsating Repeat rhythm, and then moving over the Atlantic to the UK and producer Frenchie and his skankin’ version of the Creation Rebel rhythm, this one originally recorded by Bunny “Striker” Lee.

Next is another relick. Boops rhythm was originally produced by Winston Riley and provided the backing for Supercat’s hit song with the same name. This new version is produced by Shane C. Brown and I’ve used deejay cuts from Busy Signal and Chino as well as a straight singing version from Romain Virgo.

French crew Irie Ites is represented with two rhythms – Take A Lick and Party Time. The former is a fresh original with a nice xylophone and the latter is a re-cut of the classic Party Time rhythm from Studio One.

If you’ve been following reggae this summer you’ve probably stumbled upon the Major rhythm from Jamaican producer Don Corleon. There are eleven cuts of this rhythm and nearly all of them are above par. I’ve chosen Tarrus Riley and Wayne Marshall, but thought about including J Boog and Jah Vinci as well.

A Pleasant Roots Mix Vol. 1 consists of 16 tunes and some added sound effects. Most of the tracks are available as legal download or cd. If you like what you hear, please support the artists, producers and labels and buy them. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Download here (right click, save as) or below.

Reggaemani presents – A Pleasant roots mix vol 1

Artist – song title (label – rhythm)

1. Lukie D – My Type (Philadub – Repeat)
2. Spectacular – Hotter Than Lava (Philadub – Repeat)
3. Lutan Fyah – Show Me Some Dub (Philadub – Repeat)
4. Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah – Rebel With A Cause (Maximum Sound – Rebellion 2010)
5. Tarrus Riley – Poverty Nuh Inna Fashion (Maximum Sound – Rebellion 2010)
6. Busy Signal – Government Gone Luu (Jukeboxx – Boops)
7. Chino – Phone Gallis (Jukeboxx – Boops)
8. Romain Virgo – Live Mi Life (Jukeboxx – Boops)
9. Sena – Heavens Gate (Irie Ites – Take A Lick)
10. Lutan Fyah – Take A Lick (Irie Ites – Take A Lick)
11. Mafia & Fluxy – Take A Lick version (Irie Ites – Take A Lick)
12. Tarrus Riley – Wildfire (Don Corleon – Major)
13. Wayne Marshall – Work Hard (Don Corleon – Major)
14. Leroy Sibbles – Party Time (Irie Ites – Party Time)
15. Natty King & Spectuclar – Sweet Jamaica (Irie Ites – Party Time)
16. Mafia & Fluxy – Party time version (Irie Ites – Party Time)

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Reggaemani contributes to Irie Up

In the latest issue of Irie Up magazine Reggaemani’s editor Erik Magni contributes with an article on the biggest reggae festival in the Nordics – Uppsala Reggae Festival. The article is accompanied by great art by Stefan Gunnarsson from Reggaefoto.se.

Apart from several other great articles on reggae festivals all over Europe, you can read an in-depth article with the Berlin-based recording artist and producer Ras Perez, an interview with veteran deejay U Brown and several reviews of the latest releases from all over the world.

Irie Up is sold in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Japan and North America. If you can’t find a copy in your local store, you can always order one from the magazine’s web page.

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Summer Vibes – A Sunshine Reggae Mix by Reggaemani

During summertime the general public begins to take some interest in reggae. I cannot remember how many times I’ve had questions about listening to reggae music all year round.

However, there is reggae which is more summerish than other. The kind that’s maybe even better suited for sun, salt baths and lazy days on the beach. Reggaemani’s new Summer Vibes mix is the soundtrack for all those days.

There are almost only soft rhythms in the mix and it’s no coincidence that cozy producer Kemar “Flava” McGregor is responsible for five of the songs. But there are of course much more. How about three tunes on the revitalized Coming in From the Cold rhythm or the saxophone party in the dance-friendly Daddy Loves You More by Daddy G.

Summer Vibes also bring together veterans Beres Hammond and Sanchez with new talents such as Dutch singer Benaïssa and Ginjah.

Summer Vibes is a continuous mix with no full tunes and some added sound effects. Some of the tunes are from 2010, but the main part are from 2009 and 2008.

Full source information is provided. If you like what you hear please support the artists, record shops and labels and buy the music.

Download Summer Vibes here or use the link below (right click, save as). Enjoy!

Summer Vibes – A Sunshine Reggae Mix by Reggaemani

Artist – Title (label / riddim)
1. Tony Curtis – Golden Eyes (Flava McGregor / Classic)
2. Etana – Love Me For Real (Flava McGregor / Classic)
3. Kemar “Flava” McGregor – Classic riddim version (Flava McGregor / Classic)
4. Courtney John – Win Some (FiWi)
5. Anthony Cruz – Only the Father (Tads / Coming in From the Cold)
6. Mitch ft. New Kidz – Payroll (Tads / Coming in From the Cold)
7. Sanchez – That Place (Tads / Coming in From The Cold)
8. Benaïssa ft. Lloyd De Meza & Benjah – Voodoo (Dancehall Mix) (JahSolidRock)
9. Benaïssa – Voodoo Dub (JahSolidRock)
10. Peetah Morgan – Saying Goodbye (Jukeboxx / Silver Plate)
11. Raw Deal – Wasting No Time (Jukeboxx / Silver Plate)
12. Tarrus Riley – Love Created I (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
13. Etana – Learn To Love (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
14. Luciano – Jah Live (Joe Frasier / Jah Live)
15. Joggo – All My Life (PhatAndLazy / Love You More)
16. Daddy G – Daddy Loves You More (PhatAndLazy / Love You More)
17. Beres Hammond – Still Waiting For You (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
18. Morgan Heritage – Here To Stay (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
19. Eternity riddim instrumental (Techniques 21st / Eternity)
20. Morgan Heritage – Nothing To Smile About (Flava McGregor / Rub A Dub)
21. Ginjah – Never Lost My Way (Flava McGregor / Rub A Dub)
22. Benaïssa ft. Lloyd De Meza – Coconut Water (Dancehall Mix) (JahSolidRock)
23. Chezidek – Uplift Yourself (JahSolidRock)
24. Benaïssa – Coconut Water Dub (JahSolidRock)

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Reggaemani Goes English

So, you might have noticed that the last two articles have not been in Swedish…

I started Reggaemani in March 2009 and 15 months later, I can look back on more than 200 columns, interviews, reviews and general news stories.

During these months, and especially recently, I have received comments that Reggaemani should be in English. I replied that of course it is a good idea, but that it requires a great deal if you do not have English as your native language or consider yourself to be significantly good at English.

But after some random thoughts, I believe that more content in English would be useful. Reggaemani has since the inception been dedicated to international artists, producers and record companies, so as to write in English would be quite natural.

Having said that, much of the material on Reggaemani will from now on be in English. I’ll see how long it’ll last, but hopefully for some time.

I do not have any idea of how good my English is, but I hope I at least will make myself understood. So please have patience with me if I use the wrong words or if my sentence patterns are weird. This is not blog about languange, it’s a blog to spread the music I love to as many people as possible.

The journey ahead will be exciting. Coming up is an interview with NiyoRah, a review of his album and an article on mashups, where I talked with Max Tannone and Al Fingers. But of course there are much, much more. Stay tuned!


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Reggaemani medverkar i RG Magazine

Den femte augusti är det äntligen dags för andra numret av Sveriges enda reggaetidning – Reggae Galore Magazine. Det nya numret innehåller en massa spännande, bland annat en intervju med legendariske dubmakarn Neil Perch, som Reggaemanis Erik Magni intervjuat, samt intervjuer med David Rodigan, Serengeti och Safari Sound.

Tidningen är dryga 80 sidor och trycks i en mycket begränsad upplaga. Vill du vara säker på att lägga vanterna på ett av de åtråvärda exemplaren är det bäst att förhandsbeställa redan nu. Priset är 99 kronor exklusive frakt.

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Reggaemani på Obaren i Stockholm

På påskdagen ställer jag mig tillsammans med Tomas bakom skivspelarna på Obaren i Stockholm. Som vanligt blir det reggae från mig och RnB och hiphop från Tomas.

Har snöat in en hel del på ganska elak electrodub den senaste tiden, så räkna med namn som Kanka, Dubmatix och Zion Train i högtalarna. Givetvis blir det en hel del för ovana reggaeöron också. Förmodligen Rihanna & Agent Sasco med Rudeboy och Busy Signals Smoke, en version av Madonnas 80-talshit Like A Prayer. Men också massor med annat kul med massor av bas för att testa Obarens nya ljudsystem.

Vi kör från 22.00. Kan du inte komma förbi? Lugn. Ladda in den här Spotify-listan och lyssna hemifrån istället.

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Reggaemani på Obaren i Stockholm

November kan ju vara en trist månad, men reggae kan bota den tråkigaste dysterkvisten. På fredag den 20 november från 18-tiden spelar Reggaemani skivor på Obaren i Stockholm. Det blir modern roots och dancehall, några gamla godingar och annat spännande.

Ta med en polare eller varför inte kollegan med för mycket övertid. Busy Signal, Delroy Wilson, Lutan Fyah och Burro Banton kräver ett danssteg eller två. Snör skorna och slira förbi Obaren.

Nyfiken på musiken redan nu? Ladda in den här Spotify-playlisten och håll ut till fredag.


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