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Bristol Archive Records goes against the grain

The record business has been in a bad shape for years, and you don’t often hear success stories anymore.

UK-based reissue label Bristol Archive Records is however one such. The label came from seemingly nowhere when the acclaimed compilation Bristol Reggae Explosion was put about one year ago. This compilation has been followed by two new volumes as well as other albums and singles.

Thanks to the success of Bristol Archive Records Mike Darby – the man behind the label – has shifted focus on his other label, Sugar Shack. This label was previously releasing British rock artists, but from April and onwards reggae is the focal point.

But that’s not all. Mike Darby has also taken the initiative to launch another reissue label. This one’s called Reggae Archive Records.

I’ve talked to Mike about the success of Bristol Archive Records and its history and future. Check the story over at United Reggae.

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