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Reflective roots on Prince Alla’s Run Come

CS3111406-02A-BIGLegendary 70s roots singer Prince Alla, initially known as Ras Allah, hasn’t recorded much in recent years and he wasn’t actually particularly productive – by Jamaican standards – even in his heydays in the late 70s and early 80s. He recorded a number of roots landmarks, but his most recent albums are from more than ten years ago and was recorded together with Jah Warrior.

Now – however – he has joined forces with M7 Allstars and Dubvisionist to create the solid twelve track showcase set Run Come. It’s a reflective and cultural set collecting several nods to the past yet it remains firmly rooted in contemporary production techniques with its shiny sonic landscape.

The title track is a version of his massive Gather Round – produced by Jah Shaka and released in 1996 – and on Pillar of Salt Prince Alla returns to his Lot’s Wife.

Run Come has a deep and rootsy atmosphere with militant beats and a haunting soundscape. File next to the recently reissued The Best of Prince Alla which collects rock-solid classics like Stone, Bucket Bottom and Sun is Shining.

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