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Roots and comfort on Hornsman Coyote’s Safe Planet

HornsmanCoyote_Soulcraft_SafePlanetSerbian trombone maestro and vocalist Hornsman Coyote has once again teamed up with Soulcraft for a new album. Safe Planet collects ten tracks with rich arrangements and live-played rhythms complete with a solid horn section that is present throughout the excellent album.

The eight-piece band has with Safe Planet created wonderful and beautiful rootsy grooves with minor chord melodies and somber vibes.

Glorious comes with angelic three-part harmonies strongly reminiscent of The Congos and Jah Sun celebrates life with its poignant flute and close harmonizing. Jericho is the only instrumental and it adds some militancy to the album with its steady bass line, galloping percussion and mournful horns.

The set closes with Flower Fields, a cut adding slices of rock energy to an otherwise rather low-key album. Certainly a very cohesive and well-crafted effort.

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