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Sevdee reaches for a new Bob Marley audience

Sevdee is a Canadian hip-hop DJ that has embarked on a reggae journey with the recent Bob Marley & The Wailers remix set Mr Musick, available for free download.

Sevdee started as a hip-hop DJ back in 1994 with a few friends and DJing has since been his foundation. But his love for reggae started earlier.

At the age of eleven he recognized the music of Bob Marley when he heard Iron Lion Zion.

“I vividly remember the overwhelming feeling that came upon me when hearing the song. My mother, who enjoyed Bob’s music as well, purchased the Legend tape. The message behind Bob’s music reached me, and is still very much present to this day,” Sevdee writes in an e-mail to Reggaemani.

Sevdee’s most recent venture is a Bob Marley & The Wailers’ remix album entitled Mr Musick, a project that took him about 40 days to complete.

Tough task
Remixing this legend’s music has proved to be a tough task, something that Stephen Marley experienced when he did the Chant Down Babylon remix album that included hip-hop and rock artists covering songs by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Sevdee writes that he is very critical when he hears a Bob Marley remix and expects other Bob Marley enthusiasts to be critical as well.

“Within hip-hop, sampling plays an important role. A lot of people have used samples from The Wailers’ music. I have personally refrained from doing so, because I hold his music in high esteem,” Sevdee writes, and continues:

“The sole reason I did it this time was first to celebrate Bob Marley’s work, as well as to bring awareness to his message. And there was no question of me making a cent with this project, which is why I give it out for free.”

Songs fit the message
According to Sevdee the choice of songs came naturally.
“Ultimately, there is a message within the music that I wanted to be conveyed, and the choice of songs fit that message,” he explains, and expands:

“Originally, the album was entitled Movement of Jah People, since the theme of the album is Exodus. Is one able to take up and leave, physically and spiritually? Music will move us. So I was inspired to go with the title Mr Musick.”

Hopes to reach new audience
The 15 songs on Mr Musick have all been updated in a 21st century style with rougher and tougher beats. The sound is funky, modern and will probably appeal to a newer and younger audience.

“I think a younger audience has the opportunity to discover Bob’s work with this remix album. Then if they listen to the originals, they won’t feel a large gap between the originals and the remixes. It is a fine line I have walked with this project, and I wanted to keep the musical essence for the most part of the album. It’s a lot more electronic and noisy, and that was on purpose,” he explains, and adds:

“At no point in time was I sitting around listening to The Wailers thinking ‘I can do better than this.’ I was inspired to do it because I think people are sleeping, and the message contained in Bob’s music can start waking them up.”

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