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10 Ft. Ganja Plant continues in fine style

ganja110 Ft. Ganja Plant has been around for more than ten years now. Quite long for a band that started out as a side project to the more progressive sounding John Brown’s Body.

The Plant is far from progressive. They have sounded more or less exactly the same since the debut in 2000 – reggae firmly rooted in 70s Jamaica.

Their ninth, and latest, set, Skycatcher, is recorded and produced according to the same delicious formula – a cocktail of warm and bass heavy vocal and instrumental cuts. It’s timeless with live instrumentation, a killer horn section, scorching organs and blistering harmonica. And the band’s members share vocal duties, which gives the album a nice diversity

If you’ve enjoyed the previous eight albums you will certainly not be disappointed with this ten track effort.

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