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Time for Anthony B to kill a few darlings

image3I enjoy technology development, like streaming and digital download, but in some cases old school is the way to go. Take for instance the LP with its limited running time. A single album has about 45 minutes. That’s it. You can’t fit any more music. A digital album allows for an unlimited amount of music, which can cause quality issues. No need to kill your darlings.

This is the case with Anthony B’s new album Tears of Luv which collects a hefty 18 tracks. About half of them are massive and the other half is somewhat weak. If Anthony B had decided to focus on his strengths this album could have been a bona-fide killer.

This partly self-produced set opens with There’s A Reward for Me, a heartfelt combination with Richie Spice and a tribute to the late and great Joe Higgs, a Jamaican singer that taught Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer how to sing harmonies.

Other highlights include the murderous Bring Back the Vibes, the uplifting Hold Again, the powerful Mau Mau Warrior and the catchy Vow the Nazarene.

But as the album title suggests this set also collects a number of soft tunes and several of those could have been left out. But unfortunately they were not. Anthony B is on top of the game when he flexes his blazing deejay skills chanting down the walls of Babylon and not when singing love songs.

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