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Reggae inna Dancehall Style revitalized

The book Reggae inna Dancehall Style by the late Tero Kaski and Pekka Vuorinen from the early 80’s has been revised and is now released under the new title Volcano Revisited – Kingston Dancehall Scene 1983.

This classic book contained interviews with a number of great dancehall singers and deejays such as Charlie Chaplin, Burro Banton and Tony Tuff. It also included great footage from the early days of dancehall.

The new edition is expanded and enhanced with more colour and several new photos. The original interviews have also been “augmented by previously unprinted interviews with early dancehall artists, engineers and producers”.

The author Pekka Vuorinen has dedicated the book to Tero Kaski.

Thanks to Kas for sharing on the Chatty Mouth forum.


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