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The dub album your neighbors don’t want you to play

10624833_697104837046698_4831675318630175652_nThe first album on the acclaimed Tuff Scout label – not counting the Sword of Jah Mouth reissue – is a serious and tougher than tough dub album mixed by label boss Gil Cang along with Deemus.

Inna London Dub comes with ten cuts paying tribute to London; each song have a London reference in its title, for example Seven Sisters Curfew and Southall Stepper.

The set is vintage, yet with a strong contemporary vibe with influences from past time maestros and forward-thinking and more current aces. It also collects vocal snippets from reggae luminaries like Al Campbell, Big Youth and Michael Prophet.

This is probably one of the best contemporary dub albums I’ve heard in a long while. It’s harder than most, and the mixing is truly inspired. Listen to a cut like Dub it Inna Long Acre. The bass line is just ridiculous and Gil Cang and Deemus give it a hypnotic and dance floor oriented groove.

Or Slingshot in Shepherds Bush with its grand bass and tasty horns dropping in and out of the mix. Tribute to the Grove sounds like it has a bulldozer driving the bass line forward, or The Marshall of Inverness St, which is haunting like a horror movie on Halloween.

Inna London Dub is made for being played loud. And whether you like it or not you will find yourself tweaking that bass knob towards zenith and turning up the volume on notch after another. And suddenly your neighbors will have you out on the street. Just be sure to grab the record with you as you leave.

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Riz Records rises again

RIZ BLUE CD ViewCan’t say I knew much about 90s UK label Riz Records until I received a press release from Reggae Archive Records telling the world that they would issue a compilation covering that particular label. I was intrigued since most of the label’s output was produced by studio wizards Nick Manasseh and Gil Cang. Both are still active in the industry but via new labels – Roots Garden and Tuff Scout.

Riz Records was active in the 90s and the productions follow in the footsteps of tough UK digi dubbers like Jah Shaka, Alpha & Omega and Iration Steppas. The sounds coming from Riz were however a bit different. Not as in your face and more ethereal and meditative. More roots, less digital dub.

Rise Up! – The Riz Records Story collects 15 tunes – of which two are previously unreleased – and the selection is flawless with foundation Jamaican artists like Johnny Osbourne, Willie Williams and Earl 16 along with local UK acts such as Danny Red and Bob Skeng.

Among the many highlights are Johnny Osbourne’s haunting Rise Up, Orville Smith’s dark Builder’s Temple and Willie Williams dreamy Saints, a seven minute long tune perfect after a day’s hard work.

All cuts are taken from the original master tapes and the audio quality is impeccable. Not that common when it comes to reissues. Well done.

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