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Entertaining lessons at New Kingston’s university

Kingston-University-Album1-300x300New York City’s reggae boy band New Kingston – comprising three brothers – put out a wicked and wild track some weeks ago. Life was the title and it was a heavy as lead Black Uhuru-influenced roots scorcher with some very memorable melodica.

This young trio’s second album Kingston University soon followed the single release. The single is not representative for the full album though. No, Kingston University is more diverse affair, including tough roots riddims, slick pop reggae ballads and energetic dancehall. But all tracks have sweet harmonizing, an urban contemporary touch and successfully fuse reggae, pop and R&B.

Producers Carey “K-Melz” Mellers, Dean Fraser, Special Delivery and New Kingston themselves have managed to make a radio friendly set aimed at sound systems, dancehalls and nighttime romancing.

Fans of TOK and Voicemail – or Konshens debut album from last year – should definitely apply for Kingston University. You might learn a thing or two.


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The second day of Uppsala Reggae Festival belonged to the veterans

Abyssinians performing live at Uppsala Reggae Festival 2010. Photo by Stefan Gunnarsson, Reggaefoto.se

The second day of Uppsala Reggae Festival was a night of highs and lows, from big acts to smaller ones. But the night belonged to the reggae veterans – from Abyssinians and Bunny Wailer who have been in the business since the 60’s to Midnite and Peetah and Gramps Morgan, who started in the later half of the 80’s.

The elderly gentlemen behind monster tune Satta Massagana made for Friday’s high point. Their concert was backed by a young and hungry band with live saxophone and trombone who treated the audience to lots of great music from their well filled treasure chest, for example Declaration of Rights with its haunting organ and three versions of Satta Massagana. The last version bursts out into a bass pumping percussion extravaganza by Bernard Collins and the Manning brothers.

The big disappointment was VI roots reggae pioneers Midnite. Their concert began ten to seven, ten minutes ahead of schedule. This probably surprised many of the attendants, and although some rushed to the area, it never got crowded below the stage. This was perhaps also due to Midnite’s lack of energy, humour and vitality. Front man and lead singer Vaughn Benjamin seemed distant and may as well have been sitting in his car singing songs of freedom, oppression and propaganda to himself. Sure, Midnite’s music is introvert and unusually monotonous, which makes it difficult to convey live. However, it doesn’t get better when they insist on playing all their songs at full-length, which means no more than ten songs in 70 minutes. Not surprising, the audience decided to do something else.

This evening’s biggest surprise was Voicemail, a dancehall outfit on European tour to honour their recently deceased member O’Neil Edwards. The group tours with talented songstress Alaine who charmed the audience for the first part of the concert. When Voicemail took the stage they showed amazing energy and skilled showmanship, and got the entire audience to follow almost every move or call and response they made. It actually seemed like a very few wanted to leave the tent scene when Bunny Wailer entered the main stage.

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O’neil Edwards från Voicemail död

I går gick O’neil Edwards – ena halvan av duon Voicemail – bort. Han dog i sviterna av skottskador i bland annat huvud och bröst. Det skriver skivbolaget VP på sin hemsida.

O’neil Edwards sköts utanför sitt hem i Kingston för drygt två veckor sedan i vad som tros ha varit ett rån som gick snett. Han är son den till kände producenten och sångaren Rupert ”Rupie” Edwards.


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Två reggaestjärnor skjutna

O’neil Edwards, en tredjedel av Voicemail och son till producenten Rupert Edwards, och deejayn Mad Cobra har skjutits på Jamaica, det uppger flera internetkällor.

O’neil Edwards sköts natten mellan söndag och måndag utanför sitt hem i Kingston i vad som uppges vara ett rån. Han sköts med fem skott i bland annat bröstet och huvudet av två personer som sprang från platsen. O’neil Edwards har genomgått flera operationer och kämpar fortfarande för sitt liv.

Två dagar senare var det dags för ännu ett skottdrama. Den här gången gäller det deejayveteranen Mad Cobra. Enligt bloggen Partyxtraz har nio skott avfyrats, varav två träffade stjärnan, som för övrigt har en tydlig gangsterimage. Han uppges just nu vara på sjukhus och blöder ur munnen och från bröstet. Inget uppsåt har blivit känt.

Att Kingston är en våldsam stad är ingen stor nyhet. Men att två framträdande artister skjuts med endast två dagars mellanrum måste vara unikt.

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