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U.S. singer Mighty Mystic drops free single

Releasing singles as free download is a popular way of marketing these days. A couple of weeks ago hip-hop giant Kanye West announced plans to release one new song each week until Christmas.

U.S singer Mighty Mystic does the same, or not exactly the same, when he releases his second single I Alone from upcoming album Wake Up the World as a free download.

Mighty Mystic was born in Jamaica, but relocated to Boston where he got involved in the 90’s hip-hop scene, according to the press material.

He has apparently had some popular tunes and released a combination with dancehall duo Tanto Metro & Devonte in 2003. He has also appeared on some rhythm compilations.

The first single of the upcoming album was a duet with Energy God Elephant Man. I Alone is a solo effort, and a pretty decent one.

It’s up tempo and has some kind of rock feeling to it. Mighty Mystic is a singjay, but with more emphasis on the singing. And he’s obviously heavily influenced by Bob Marley.

Download the single for free below (right click, save as) and judge for yourself.

Mighty Mystic I Alone


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