New compilation spotlights the crown prince of reggae

The record market is flooded with compilations and it’s sometimes hard to distinct the good ones from the poorer.

One artist that has been subject for a number of compilations is the late and great Dennis Brown. During his prolific career he recorded several wicked albums and singles.

Last year saw the release of Dennis Brown & The DJs – Joe Gibbs 12” Selection. This was a nice eleven track compilation of hard to find duets where Dennis Brown had teamed up with deejays such as Big Youth, U Brown and Welton Irie.

Now it’s time for another supposedly good compilation of Dennis Brown material. This time it’s put out by 17 North Parade – a subsidiary of VP Records.

The Crown Prince of Reggae – Singles (1972 – 1985) is a three-disc compilation of many of his hit singles. Two of the discs collect 40 tunes, both anthems such as Revolution and Created by the Father and lesser known works like Praise Without Raise.

The third disc is what makes this release stand out. It’s a DVD from a Dennis Brown concert in Montreux in 1979. This concert has been available on vinyl, CD and DVD before, but is now part of a great package. The live version of The Drifter is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen and is highly recommended.

In 2003 Trojan Records released an album titled The Crown Prince of Reggae collecting 20 tracks. Even though a number of tunes are represented on both albums, this new one seems to be a good investment.

The Crown Prince of Reggae – Singles (1972 – 1985) is due on November 16.

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