Glen Washington seduces even the most reluctant listener

Reggae is a fantastically versatile genre, and it’s interesting how riddims used by some artists can sound completely different when sung by someone else.

On the new Glen Washington effort, mighty U.S. production trio Zion I Kings has used riddims previously heard on albums by Perfect, Toussaint and Jahdan Blakkamoore, not to mention the recent various artists’ compilation Jah Golden Throne. And the result is quite different from how other singers have treated the material.

Glen Washington is a well-seasoned singer and musician. He started out in the music business in the early 70’s and has recorded sporadically as a solo singer and extensively as a studio drummer for a variety of artists, among which Stevie Wonder.

His debut album Brother to Brother dropped on legendary label Studio One in 1997, and Glen Washington has since put out nine more albums.

His eleventh album is the boisterous-titled Masterpiece released about a week ago. It collects 17 tracks and ranges from passionate lovers rock to gently rocking conscious roots.

His soulful, seducing, anguished and husky crooning is well-suited for Zion I Kings smooth production with graceful arrangements and mellow horn riffs.

 The interplay between music and message is sublime and the Zion I Kings have managed to put together yet another fine album that should appeal to roots aficionados and romantic Casanovas alike.



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