Revolution, rock, reggae from UK’s RasItes

Reason Time FrontUK quartet RasItes dropped their debut album Urban Regeneration in 2001 and then vanished from the scene. Seven years later – in 2008 – a second set was put out. This time on a new label.

Now – twelve years after the debut album – RasItes is back with another release, this time in the form of a four track EP titled Reason Time. It’s said to be the first of two EPs to be put out prior to a third full-lenght set.

Reason Time offers captivating and conscious roots reggae in classic UK tradition, think Aswad, Steel Pulse, Misty in Roots and Black Slate. Maybe RasItes is a bit more rock influenced though, especially on EP opener Drum & Bass Line, which includes sharp rock guitar.

There have been several rock solid EPs in past months – Christopher Ellis and Wayne Marshall for example – and Reason Time is no exception. Looking forward to hear more from these talentented Rastafarians.

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